0603 Practical SMD Chip Resistor & Capacitor Book Kit Assortment Folder - Black - White (2475 PCS)
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ColorBlack + White
SpecificationResistor: 100xRC0603 JR-07 0R/50xRC0603 JR-07 1R/50xRC0603 JR-07 1R5/50xRC0603 JR-07 2R/50xRC0603 JR-07 3R3/50xRC0603 JR-07 5R1/50xRC0603 JR-07 8R2/50xRC0603 JR-07 10R/50xRC0603 JR-07 15R/50xRC0603 JR-07 20R/50xRC0603 JR-07 33R/50xRC0603 JR-07 51R/50xRC0603 JR-07 82R/50xRC0603 JR-07 100R/50xRC0603 JR-07 150R/50xRC0603 JR-07 200R/50xRC0603 JR-07 330R/50xRC0603 JR-07 510R/50xRC0603 JR-07 820R/100xRC0603 JR-07 1K/50xRC0603 JR-07 1K5/50xRC0603 JR-07 2K /50xRC0603 JR-07 3K3/50xRC0603 JR-07 5K1/50xRC0603 JR-07 8K2/100xRC0603 JR-07 10K/50xRC0603 JR-07 15K/50xRC0603 JR-07 20K/50xRC0603 JR-07 33K/50xRC0603 JR-07 51K/50xRC0603 JR-07 82K/50xRC0603 JR-07 100K/25xRC0603 JR-07 150K/25xRC0603 JR-07 200K/25xRC0603 JR-07 330K/25xRC0603 JR-07 510K/25xRC0603 JR-07 820K; Capacitor: 25xGRM1885C1H150JA01D 15pF 50V/100xGRM1885C1H220JA01D 22pF 50V/25xGRM1885C1H270JA01D 27pF 50V/50xGRM1885C1H330JA01D 33pF 50V/25xGRM1885C1H470JA01D 47pF 50V/25xGRM1885C1H680JA01D 68pF 50V/25xGRM1885C1H820JA01D 82pF 50V/25xGRM1885C1H101JA01D 100pF 50V/25xGRM1885C1H121JA01D 120pF 50V/25xGRM1885C1H151JA01D 150pF 50V/25xGRM1885C1H181JA01D 180pF 50V/25xGRM188R71H221KA01D 220pF 50V/25xGRM188R71H102KA01D 1nF 50V/25xGRM188R71E103KA01D 10nF 25V/100xGRM188R71C104KA01D 100nF 16V/25xGRM188R71C474KA88D 470nF 16V/25xGRM188R61A105KA61D 1uF 10V
FeaturesCommon resistor and capacitor
ApplicationCommon resistor and capacitor
English Manual/SpecN/A
OtherThis kit is specially designed to keep surface mount components. It looks like a book, so we call it a sample book. Components are still kept in paper taping, so could be kept longer. With labeling on the front and on the back of every paper taping, it is easy to store and access any value. They won't be mixed up. It is loose-leaf. You could arrange the order if you like. When components are used up, the book itself could still be reused for your other components.
Packing List1 x Sample book
Dimensions: 7.28 in x 5.35 in x 1.26 in (18.5 cm x 13.6 cm x 3.2 cm)
Weight: 10.30 oz (292 g)

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