Hysobo SRH805S BNC Head Walkie Talkie 10W 5CM Short Antenna
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1.It is made of high-quality plastic and alloy materials, durable and practical
2.Compatible radios:
for ICOM: IC - V8, IC - V82, IC - V85
for Kenwood: TK100, TK200, TK220, TK300, TK310, TK320, TK208, TK308, TK22AT, TK42AT, TH28A, TH48A, TH78A, TH45A, TH25A, TH26A, TH46A
for Marantz: C150, C450, HX260, HX270
for Motorola: HT440, HT90, CP500, CP520
3.Frequency range:
- Transmitting center frequency: 144 / 430 / 1200 MHz ( 144 / 430MHz are the best two central frequency points, they can be applied to 136 - 174 and 400 - 470MHz hand-straps )
- Accept the central frequency: 150 / 300 / 450 / 800 / 900MHz
4.Impedance: 50 ohm
5.Interface: SMA
6.Power Capacity: 10w
7.Gain: 2.15db

Package Includes:

1 x Antenna
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