Number Coloring Magic Book Painting Doodle Kids Water Drawing Book with Pen

Product Description:

Number Printed Coloring Magic Book Painting Doodle Water Drawing Book with Pen Kids Toys


1. The products are non-toxic, pollution-free, green and environmentally friendly products.
2. The things that are painted will naturally disappear and can be used repeatedly.
3. The brush is water so it won't dirty clothes and rooms! The back of the canvas is waterproof, so it doesn't wet the floor.
4. Ability training: emotional, visual, intellectual development, hands-on brain, grasp, sensory, hand eye coordination, other ability training, interactive toys, parent-child communication, interest cultivation.
5. The magic canvas is not only a toy, but also a link between the parents and the children, the bridge of communication, the father and mother accompany the children to paint together, reading and writing, drawing and promote child cognitive initiative.
6. Training children's keen observation, inspiring their children's rich imagination, and accumulating their children's active creativity.


Product Name: Water Drawing Book
Product material:

Drawing book front: cotton cloth;

Drawing book back: spinning nylon;

Pen: PC+ fiber
Product size: 210*180*20mm/8.27*7.09*0.79"
Package size: 220*200*25mm/8.66*7.87*0.98"
Product packaging: PE bag
Net weight: 67g
Gross weight: 72g
Suitable for age: older than 1 year old

Method of use:

1. Pen will be filled with water or soaked in water for automatic water soaking, children can freely painting on the canvas ;(When the brush is first used, please wring the pen out and soak the warm water for 30 minutes, so that the pen can be fully moist and inflated.Then use tap water or drinking water so that the water will flow more smoothly.)
2. Pen painting is painting handwriting immediately;
3. With the evaporation of water trace, the handwriting disappears, the canvas back to the original color, the child can continue to create;
(Note: the speed of dry water is determined by the drying degree of the environment. It is usually about 5-10 minutes in summer and the temperature varies greatly in winter.It's not very good to assure for the water is yellow in some places, it is possible to leave a trace on the edges of the part of the painting after the painting is finished, and it does not affect it to be use.After a lot of trace, you can clean it all with clean water.)
4. Please drain the water from the brush to dry when storage the drawing book.

Package Content:

1 X Water Drawing Book

1 X Pen

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