Portable FPV Mini OTG Receiver, 5.8G 150CH Mini FPV Receiver for UVC Video Downlink OTG VR Android Phones Black OTG and VR
Use: Vehicles & Remote Control ToysRemote Control Peripherals/Devices: Battery Charging Units
Material: Composite MaterialRC Parts & Accs: Receivers
Technical parameters: Value 2For Vehicle Type: Airplanes
Brand Name: SoulloadFour-wheel Drive Attributes: Assemblage
Tool Supplies: Assembled classUpgrade Parts/Accessories: Other

Biggest advantage:

  • Instantly gives you the ability to use your smartphone/tablet/PC/Monitor as a 5.8ghz First-Person View monitor. You can pair this USV OTG with your phone and any set of vr goggles (even something as inexpensive as goggle cardboard!) Support all 5.8G channel, av output, audio output
  • 0.1s latency. To be honest, it's not perfect for high speed racing when you're flying 20-30m/s in the woods, 0.1s latency is hard to ignore. It's more suited for casual flying or as a second video sharing device with your friends and families while your're enjoying it with own goggle. Integrated frequency scanner with 150 frequencies, all you have to do is hold the button and the receiver will find the absolute strongest signal by itself.
  • Share your FPV view via your phone or tablet, or record your flight incase you crash and lose your quad, this is an amazingly simple bit of kit to carry in your bag. It does a full scan if you hold the button down. We suggest downloading "Easycap & UVC Player(FPViewer)" from Google play to view your video, if it doesn't work, try "PocketFPV" or "Go FPV“ ”FPVDroid“
  • Please Avoid moving the receiver or the android phone/tablet while flying FPV, otherwise you might break the connection and cause your quad to crash! To ensure best performance and accuracy, please do calibration in the open field first: move the transmitter at least 30m away from the receiver, long press the button while powering the receiver to enter calibration mode. Long button press = Scan, Short button press = display frequency and step channels
  • With this receiver, you can enjoy live fpv video from your Android phone/tablet(OTG); PC(USB); or even 70 inch TV( soldering required in this case,There are four pins next to Micro USB port, A means Audio, V=video, 5=5V,G=Ground. Connec them to corresponding RCA cable) check for demostration https://youtu.be/RFmkReflsZ8https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpbZE5Ycyv4
Use environment: open, without shelter, without interference
Frequency range: 5645MHz~5945MHz
Resolution: 640*480 30fps
Operating current: USB 5V 190mA
Suitable temperature range: -10~65 DEG C
In the mobile phone can be put into the double screen, VR glasses, experience from the perspective of the first person flight
PC usage:
1 、 connect PC with USB line
2, (XP) open the camera (WIN7), install AMCP camera software, (WIN10) open the camera. Or MP ground station.
3, after the airborne map transmission device power, in the picture transmission, long press 3 seconds function keys, automatically search frequency points, and automatically lock the signal Zui strong frequency point.
Method for using AV display screen:
1, the use of data lines to connect, define the corresponding display AV interface, the receiver 5V power supply.
2, after the airborne map transmission device power, in the picture transmission, long press 3 seconds function keys, automatically search frequency points, and automatically lock the signal Zui strong frequency point.
1. usage
The receiver connects the mobile phone with the data wire and gets the outdoor open space. The transmitter is pulled out more than 30 meters long and swept by frequency sweep button. Short press can fine tune.
In order to ensure good results, please calibrate the signal before and after the highest and lowest values.
2. product characteristics
Original 150 frequency, full frequency range, 1500 times scanning, calculate RSSI intensity, lock accurate frequency! We increase the channel to 150, the accuracy is 2m, and have 5.8G waveform scanning
Add new functions to the 3 generation of receivers:
150 frequency points + automatic sweep frequency, frequency + spectrum instrument graphical interface + snow display +..
more concise and beautiful appearance......
Question 1: how far can you get the receiver?
Answer: This is only a receiver, and the distance is closely related to very many factors! 200MW flies more than 10 kilometers is, 2W flies several hundred meters also big crowd in. We're not going to discuss it! It's just a receiver. It's just on the phone. It won't be less because of the phone display
How much is the 2 receiver MW?
Answer: the receiver does not have radio frequency power statement: like ask your ear can make what big sound is same. These are ears...
You can match our highly recommended 600MW transmitter. Can also be equipped with any of the 5.8G video transmitter on the market.
Question three: integrating OSD?
Answer: isn't OSD in the sky?!
Question 4 is it possible to pass data? What about 720p?
Answer: This is just a device for image transmission!! AV analog video signals are transmitted to the ground and then transferred to Android phones or pc..
Products introduction.
This OTG Receiver support any quadcopter l!!!! Any aircraft!!
This is a 5.8G receiver, traditionally passed to the screen, which is passed to the cell phone and can be passed to the screen at the same time.. Using mobile phone power supply to simplify wiring and structure!! Coupled with the powerful pocket FPV, this app embodies the VR flight!!!
Warm reminder: more than 25% of HUAWEI mobile phone does not support, MTK's CPU does not support, and the actual mobile phone or tablet also need to be tested in person to determine, I hope you know!! The following chart is for customer's reference, only for reference. The accuracy rate was thirty percent.
Support all 5.8G graphic transmission!!
Support AV output, audio output, with reserved solder joints.
Package Included:
Choice 1: 1 * 5.8G OTG Receiver
Choice 2: 1 *5.8G OTG Receiver+1*VR glasses
Dimensions & Weight
Dimensions11.81 in x 7.87 in x 7.87 in (30 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm)
Weight22.93 oz (650 g)
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