9+1 Ball Bearings Spinning Reel Lightweight Ultra Smooth Spinning Fishing Reel Left/Right Interchangeable Collapsible Handle 2000/3000/4000/5000 Series

Ultralight spinning fishing reel with 9+1 corrosion resistant ball bearings which provide smooth casting and retrieval. The collapsible handle can exchange from left to the right quickly, giving you different fishing experiences. It is a great fishing tool for anglers.

9+1 corrosion resistant ball bearings for smooth casting and retrieval.
High strength metal spool with high tensile gear.
Fully adjustable cast control.
Left or right retrieval interchangeable.
Quick-folding rocker with comfortable EVA handle knob.
Excellent line lay oscillation system.
Ultra-thin streamlined body, lightweight and powerful, perfect tool for fishing.

Material: Metal
Model: ELF2000 / ELF3000 / ELF4000 / ELF5000 (Optional)
Model ---------------- Weight ------------- Ball Bearings --------------- Gear Ratio ------------ Line Capacity
ELF2000 -------------- 246g/8.7oz ------------- 9+1BB ---------------- 5.2:1 ------------ 0.205mm/200m; 0.235mm/170m, 0.260mm/130m
ELF3000 -------------- 254g/9.0oz ------------- 9+1BB ---------------- 5.2:1 ------------ 0.235mm/200m; 0.260mm/160m; 0.285mm/120m
ELF4000 -------------- 328g/11.6oz ------------- 9+1BB ---------------- 4.8:1 ------------ 0.260mm/200m; 0.285mm/180m; 0.310mm/150m
ELF5000 -------------- 341g/12.0oz ------------- 9+1BB ----------------- 4.8:1 ------------- 0.285mm/200m; 0.310mm/170m; 0.335mm/140m

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1 * Spinning Reel

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