LB - 100D Universal Smart Theft-proof Programmable Car Alarm System with 2 Remote Controls
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Suitable for all kinds of cars
Double remote controls, in case of losing or breaking
Remote car finding, LED indicator
Warning of abnormal situation
Trunk release function, easy to open your trunk
Detailed operation manual, easy to install and use
4 buttons on the remote control, lock, unlock, programmable button, open car boot
Sign horn: DC 12V, 15W, single-tone
Two stages siren verification

Alarming range: 100m
Metal holder, can be mounted tightly
Frequency range: 433.92MHz
Power voltage: 15V
Alarming response time: 0.01s
Alarm triggered: Shake
Vibrator: Built-in

Transmitter functions:
Arm security button: With the switch ignition off, press and release the button to arm the alarm system. If you press the button 2 within the first 3s after the alarm system armed, exclude impact sensor.
Disarm safety button: With the switch ignition off, press and release the button 2 to disarm the alarm system and open the electrical safety, press the button 1 and 2 for arm and disarm in silent.
User-defined button: You can set the button you want as programming table.
Trunk: Trunk release function

Install it on your car as the operation description, follow the programming table to set the programable button as
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