How to buy online from China?
We will help you with tips and tricks

Buying online is gaining in popularity year over year. The reason for this is the endless possibilities and the manner to find the best prices. Ordering stuff from the other side of the world is as easy as walking to the grocery. So, it does not matter anymore if your order needs to fly all over the world.

Online stores from China understand this phenomenon and are promoting their products all over the world. Where at first their quality and service were not always that good. Nowadays most of them understand that customer services, user-friendly websites/apps and not the quantity but the quality of their products are critical to success. That together with worldwide free shipping options makes shopping in China hot!

Is it worth to buy from China?

Why should you buy all the way from China? China has known already decades known for their cheap products. Most of the world goods are produced in China; they can manufacturer almost everything with very low-costs.

The quality of Chinese products and brands is not always high-end. However, many well-known brands in the western world are manufactured in China. The trend of the last few years is that unknown Chinese brands are also delivering quality, but still keep their prices very low.

The variety of the Chinese shops and products is endless. You can find everything in China. From clothing to electronics, to sports gadgets.

The major point which makes online China shops interesting is the availability of Free Shipping. This even counts for products of less than $1 dollar. Read our full article about “How China can offer Free Shipping?”.

Of course, there are also downsides when ordering from China. The warranty and return policy are not always that great. Sometimes you need to pay the returning fees yourself. And the delivery of your items takes between 10 and 20 working days. This is often with the free shipping option. With other options, it is possible to have your articles in a few days. But these differ from shop to shop and product to product.

One major trend is the availability of EU and US warehouses. In these cases your product will arrive much faster, returning fees are cheaper, and customs costs are often not necessary. Take a look at the following websites to find out which shops offer local warehouses:
EU Warehouses
US Warehouses

What can you buy from China?

Many times people ask what they can buy from China? And when we enumerate all the possibilities the list will be endless. You can find everything from clothing, electronics, gadgets, home and office, car accessories, health and beauty, computers, jewelry. There is only one significant restriction, the size of the item. Bigger things are less popular because of the shipping costs.

Shop in China with CompareImports

In just three easy steps you can find the right product, the best price and, a reliable store .

If you know what you are looking for? Type your search phrase above in the search bar. Keep in mind that it only works with the English language. Because the search engine is one of our major features, we try to give you the best results we can. However, this is not always possible.

A small tip, put the most important words of your search phrase first!

If you cannot find the product at the results from the popular Chinese web shops, we offer an alternative to search right away on Don’t know what the difference is between China Shops, AliExpress, and Alibaba?

If the search engine found some results you can filter on price, release date or rating. In this manner, you can get the right products next to each other to compare. By clicking on the “see more details” button, we provide the description and some related products.

When you click on the product itself we will send you to the product page of the particular shop. Here you can fill in your country and shipping options. Be aware most shops offer free shipping, but there are many options in which you still need to pay.

How to shop save at China?

Online shopping is not always saving and you need to be aware of the risks out there. If you know the things which can go wrong, it is easier to find out if buying the item is a good idea. So read this carefully if you are insecure about the hidden dangers and risks.

Always look for reliable online stores. “How do I know if a Chinese store is reliable?” There are some major points to look at when figuring this one out. However, if we provide the shop you can say with certainty that they are a real shop and no scam.

This is something different than the customer service and warranty qualities. They differ from store, to store and some are outstanding while others have some issues.

Always pay with PayPal when possible. If there is something wrong with your purchase, order or something else you can ask for a dispute. PayPal will arrange this.

How about the customs?

Many customers are unaware and unknown of their national custom rules. Every country applies their own custom rules when importing goods from other nations. They mostly depend on the size and price of your parcel. But to be entirely sure you need to check the customs regulations page for your home country.

Be aware that most Chinese shops are not reliable for these costs! However, some of them offer a custom insurance when buying the item. In the case the customs charge you, you can send your receipt back to the shop. Take a look out our China Online Shops page to find out which shops offer that kind of services.

Below a list of useful links to find out your customs regulations.