How to buy smart and safe from online from China webshops

Welcome into the "world" of chinese consumer goods! Online shopping worldwide is becoming normal and popular. A new partially unknown part are the Chinese wholesale webshops which have a stunning range of products. The shops are booming and very attractive due to its low prices anf free shipping. Although buying from China is simple and reliable it is a bigger step than buying from your trusted online webshop in your own country. Especially when your purchase is quite expensive.

Why buy from China?

CompareImports made an introduction video which will gave you a good idea why buying in China is suitable for everyone!

Which products can I buy?

As a consumer you want to be sure that you buy the selected product at a reliable site. There are consumer goods that we don't advise to buy from a chinese webshop since you want a certain quality and quarantee, although it is possible off course. In example we won't buy laptops, televisions and washingmachines but also things like tooth whitening devices. On the other hand we have good experience with mobile phones, tablets and smaller electronic goods like routers and kitchen devices.

Questions that may come up when visiting a Chinese webshop might be..

  • Is this site reliable?
  • When will the parcel arrive and how can I track is?
  • Is there a catch with such a low price?
  • What about garantee?
  • Will the product be as good as the specifications?
  • Use their contact services

    A great TIP in advance are the chatboxes and contact options which are available on most websites. Chatboxes are very usefull and most of the time extreme helpfull. The operator can help you in the entire shopping process. For instance product questions, payment details, changing the shipping address, tracking your order and much more.

    Golden rules!

  • Use the chatbox/contact page
  • Compare prices at CompareImports
  • Look at reviews and stars
  • Coupons are often available
  • Track your order
  • Realize that the products has to be shipped from China
  • Quality and Reliability

    You problably heared stories that buy from China is not smart since it is Chinese quality. Well sometimes products are disappointing but if you get yourself right informed and read our and others product blogs and reviews you will know what quality to expect. Complains often are about clothing sizes, wrong product, fake products and different versions and sizes. With all sites that are shown on CompareImports we have good experience. Due to the many different orders we placed and their further services the sites are, in your eyes, reliable. See our Chinese Webshop review page for additional information. Other Chinese webshops can be scams or send cheaper forgery products. If you don't trust a site simple don't buy there and ask us for advice.

    Find the right product

    Knowing the desired product eases your search, due to the overwelming amount of available products. But if you have spare time and want to amuse yourself just browse popular top stelling and new items and find awesome gadgets and smart devices. Also the Daily Deals might inspire you. After using the desired keywords in the CompareImports search bar you will find an overview of matching products and correspondig site.


    Look at the price, stars and reviews to make the first selection. If the product meets your requirements get yourself well informed by reading the specifications. Be sure that you have indeed the right product in front of you for example is the USB 16GB or 32GB. If necessary don't forget to ask/select the AC adapter that is suitable for your country. If you have question about the quarantee just use the chatbox functionality.

    Free Shipping and Warehouses

    The majority of the website offer Free Shipping worldwide! Even if your product is $1,- they ship it for free to your address. Realize that the products standard send from a Chinese warehouse and due to its free shipping webshops are looking for the lowest shipping cost. Therefore it can take sometimes several weeks before your order arrives. Nowadays the delivery time is about 12 days but if your are lucky it can arrive already within 5 days. Keep in mind that some websites have the option to buy the product from a warehouse closer to your address. It is a bit more expensive but the biggest advantages off these warehouses is definitely the shipping time. Your product can be delivered within 3 to 5 days! Check this Chinese Webshop Warehouse blog for more details. Another advantage is that your product already went through customs. This means that you don't have to pay the clearance cost, mostly above a set amount, which can be an unexpected burden. Some websites are offering a kind of insurance so that if a tax need to be paid they will take this on their account.


    After selecting the desired product(s) in your cart it is time to for the payment. Please check our coupons to see if a discount is applicable. Overall the payment steps are straightforward and after a succesfull payment you will get an order confirmation. The most common way to pay is by Paypal or Creditcard. CompareImports advice to use Paypal since it is easier and PayPal will pay the return costs if needed. With a maximum of 30 euros per return and maximum off twelve times a year. If your claim is approved your refund will appear on your PayPal account in 10 days. More information about the return cost can be found in the blog here.

    Tracking your package

    Once the payment is done you will get a notification and within several days a track and trace code. Be aware that low cost items often don't get a track and trace code. Realize that your parcel has to come from China which make take some time. For more details on how to track your product see the "How to Track and trace your order" blog.

    After sales

    Most sites know that after sales is necessary to get a good relation with the customer since bad reviews can easily break websites. It can happen that your bought product has damage or your electronic is Death On Arrival (DOA). Please don't panic and use the chatbox or contact page. All websites have a Return merchandise authorization (RMA) procedure which frequently can be found in their FAQ. Most of the time they ask evidence like a photo or video and you can make the claim. When having a founded complain most sites will offer you a refund or discount.