Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of

Because of the overwhelming amount of different products offered from consumer wholesale websites we endeavor to help you with finding the right products and compare them on multiple criteria. Compare Imports makes it possible for you to search and compare different consumer wholesale websites. One important remark, compare imports does not sell the shown products.

Which sites are compared?

Check out the left side webshop logo's. All the compared websites are well known sites with a good reputation. Check out the Shop Reviews page for an overview! Compare imports has good experiences with all collaborating websites.

Do I need an account?

To buy products at the different wholesale sites an account is required. With an account you can easily checkout, track order status and get personalized recommendations.

How can I pay?

Creditcard or Paypal are the most common payment methods. Paypal is a safe and easy way to pay online, without extra action. Paypal doesn't require the use of a creditcard, in this manner you will directly transfer from your national bank account.

What are the costs?

Most third-party sites offer free shipping. However, it is possible that customs of your country intercept a product, in this case there is a chance that you need to pay a certain amount of import tax (these costs are country specific). Besides the latter it must be noted that some products are prohibited to import in your country. Customs have the right to impound the product.

What is the estimated delivery time, when shipping from China?

The delivery time is site depended, some sites give your order a higher priority when you get past a certain order amount. Which will lead in faster shipping. Eventually most third parties give a shipping time indication of 10 to 15 days.

Where can I check my order status?

Most third-party sites will sent you an e-mail after buying a product. This e-mail gives you information about the status of your order and how you can track and trace it.

How do i know if a product is reliable?

Compare Imports suggest that you look at the reviews and stars.

Are the prices up-to-date?

All products are updated continuously throughout the day, in this manner we try to pursue a flawless search experience without errors. At least, the most up-to-date prices can be found at the wholesale site itself.

What is the warranty of the products?

Most of the websites have their one policy regarding warranty, look at their site i.e. at their FAQ section to see what their specific policy is.

What is the return policy? (damaged products)

Most websites have an excellent return policy also called return merchandise authorization (RMA). See the specific website on how to registrate i.e. a damaged product. E.g. the policy of allows most products to be returned for a refund within 90 days of the delivery date. We'll refund your payment when we receive the returned products. Additional deductions for all refunds will be made depending on the current market value.

Where can I deposit complains or ask question?

Most third-party website have a Live chat opportunity to help you. Otherwise you can always send them an email. If you have really problems or any inconvenience with a website let us know. If we suspect any fraud or other major problems we exclude the third-party from comparison.

What are coupon codes?

Coupon codes gives you the ability to get discounts on the ordered products. Mostly you can activate them at the shopping cart of the website. Noted: coupon codes are mainly site depended and have a date of expiration.

Where do I find the top products?

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