How to win?

Very easy, just like us on facebook. You will automatically participate.Take part in our giveaway prize festival! Out of the first 500 likes we raffle one lucky winner! The winner can choose a prize (or multiple prizes) for $40 bucks. So choose whatever you like, need or just want: QuadCopter, Headphone, Iphone gadgets, Tablet cases or other gadgets/products available at the presented webshops on Join us and help to spread the word! Products from wholesale china are good and cheap!

Terms and Conditions:

  • The first 500 likes will automatically join the promotion
  • Only 1 like on per person
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  • Companies cannot participate in this promotion
  • Elected products must be free shipping items
  • Prizes could not be exchanged into money
  • Compare Imports has the right to change the rules at anytime

How to claim your price:

We will send you a facebook message if you are one of the winners. Then just e-mail us at and give your wishlist. We will buy the products and send it to your address.