China Price (History) Tracker
Finding the real deals

We found the need to show everyone the "true" price changes of Chinese online shops. The overwhelming "fake" discounts, deals, and coupons are making us insane.

Finding the best deals is getting way too difficult with all those different marketing tactics. Besides, they change overnight.

We cannot tackle the whole problem right away but try to start with tracking the prices of all products.

How Does It Work?

We already tracked price changes for many years, in this manner we try to show the price which you will find at the shop (without all the extra fees).

The significant change is that we now save those price changes. Because of this, we can generate a price history of every product.

We only save the prices when we found a change. Therefore, you will find different intervals in the graphs. For example, we scan the price every 72 hours ( we will improve this in the future ). In the case of an equal price, we don't act. You will just find the latest date we scanned the product next to the main price. This is in this case different from the latest price change.

In the other case the price is different, now we save the new price and close the old one. You will find a new stamp in the price history graph.

What Are The Advantages?

For you as a customer it is interesting to see what shops are doing with their pricing. You can, of course, find if the product price dropped suddenly. Maybe as a mistake or as a discount. They often lower the price with a large amount when the product is almost out of stock. So being fast is certainly necessary in those cases. You can find interesting examples in our Find the Real Discount article.

Besides finding the "real" deals and not just the deals mentioned by the shop itself. It is also interesting to see the fluctuations in pricing. Some stores will decrease and increase their prices in a regular pattern. When looking at the price history, you can predict the perfect moment to make the purchase.

What Do We Improve In The Future?

We are always thinking about how we can improve our service. First of all, we will increase the speed of tracking the price changes. As we all know some (daily) deals will only be shortly available, with our current 72 hours update period, we will probably miss some good ones.

Another major issue about the value the real pricing are available coupons and shipping fees. Look cheap when you just look at the regular price, but the shipping costs will eliminate that position. On the other hand, some products seem more expensive, but with the right coupon code you still got the best deal.

We are working on a service were you can get notifications when a price suddenly drops.

And last but not least, we are improving our search engine so you can search for product numbers of the shops. In that manner, you can find the price history of a specific product fast and easy.