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CompareImports is a price comparison service which helps you with finding the cheapest prices in China. We aggregate products from all the popular online Chinese stores. You will find the best price and product easy and quick in just one place. So, in the end, you will never pay too much. We are striving to be a one-stop shop in the future. Where you can find the best deals, prices, coupons, and review for buying in China.

Get a great deal - Filter to find the right one
Convenience - We provide reliable and known China shops
Coverage - Don't miss out any unknown shops
Variety - From electronics to apparel

Is it possible to buy at CompareImports?

CompareImports is not an online store which sells products directly. CompareImports is comparing several online stores buy scanning and aggregating their product information. We are the experts who create one single overview from all big China shops. The actual buying of your products will still be at those stores.

Is the service of CompareImports free?

Yes, of course! There are no fees or whatsoever when using the service at CompareImports. Prices will be the same as on the actual shops ( excluding some data differences ). So using CompareImports can only help you with finding the lowest prices.

How does CompareImports earn money?

CompareImports makes their money mainly through affiliate deals with shops from China. When you use our service and eventually buy something at that particular shop, we will be rewarded with a commission. So if you like, CompareImports use our service, and with the commission, we can further improve the services!

Which shops can I find at CompareImports?

You can get an overview of the shops we aggregate on the China Online Shops page.