TVC-Mall is founded in 2008. The primary focus of TVC-Mall is cell phone accessories for brands which are famous in the western world. Such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Sony, LG, Microsoft, Xiaomi, Asus, Motorola, HTC, Lenovo. Besides that, they introduce us with Chinese brands which manufacture those accessories. They also sell some other product groups, but those quantities are still far less than their competitors.

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What we were particularly striking about in this store is their openness. That openness is often absent in other stores which naturally creates some distrust. Some online shops break the circle in the right way. TVC-Mall does this very well by telling a "real" story about who they are.

How do we know that those product reviews on TVC-Mall are fake? We don’t have these concerns only at TVC-Mall of course. We suspect many other Chinese webshops for the same issue. However, at TVC-Mall it seems too obvious. You as a customer can earn TVC-points (discount points). There are many ways to earn those points, but one of them is to write a review about you purchased a product. There is one restriction for earning your points; the review must be at least 50 characters long. Most of the reviews at TVC-Mall are less, which is a bit contradictory. Why should you do that? You can earn points with just a few characters more.


  • Nice Looking Webpage
  • Many Accessories
  • Honesty and Openness


  • Fake Reviews
  • No Free Shipping
  • Bad Return Policy
  • Points Reset at first of January

User Reviews Score

3.4 / 5.0
4 Review(s)
Product Quality
80% Complete
4.0 Support
60% Complete
3.0 Shipping
65% Complete
3.3 Delivery
65% Complete

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Payment Methods

TVC-Mall offers the following options: PayPal, regular Credit Cards, Webmoney Transfer, Astro Pay, and Poli Payments. We always recommend using PayPal, because of their buyer protection.

Next to the usual options, they offer also bank transfer options with HSBC, Western Union, PayPal, and Moneygram. You could find information for paying directly to one of those accounts over here.

Shipping & Delivery

TVC-mall offers shipping methods with the following companies: UPS, DHL, EMS, Swiss Post, HongKong Post, Fedex, PostNL, Sweden Post, Singapore Post, China Post, ePacket, and Regular Mail. The last method is without a tracking code.

TVC-Mall does not offer free shipping. You will have to pay for shipping, the costs depend on, weight, country, and expected delivery time. The delivery time differs from around 3-5 business days with the more expensive methods (UPS and DHL). 10-45 business days with other options.

One feature which is probably for most of us not available. They also offer you to pick up your order at their global warehouse (Choose People’s Republic of China) as your destination country. You don’t have to pay a shipping fee with the latter option.

Returning & Warranty

The returning and warranty policy is not that flexible and a bit unclear. You can return your product within 14 days of receipt on arrival. You need to add a tracking number. Otherwise, they do not accept your returning. Before returning inform TVC customer service beforehand to receive an RMA code. This system needs to be clearly visible on the returning box. Only return with postal mail services and do NOT use DHL, UPS or TNT. If you do so and there are extra custom duty costs in China, you are responsible for paying them. Besides these steps, you need to return your items in their original package and conditions.

Most of their products have a warranty period of one year, some only seven days. If you need to return an item to replace or repair, you have to fulfil the returning shipping costs by yourself. The return address could be find here.

This policy is very strict comparing to other shops. So be aware of that when buying at TVC-Mall.

Customs & Tax

With every order from China there is a chance you need to pay customs duty. TVC-Mall stresses that issues with the customs are your responsibility and they will not accommodate those situations. This is not different than with many other Chinese online stores.

One small tip, always try to use shippings options similar to regular airmail. Otherwise, the chance to pay customs duty will increase drastically.

Point System

You can only earn TVC points with a registered account. There are three manners to earn discount points; Just purchase items, interact with the TVC website, and win/acquire them with promotions.

Be careful! Most stores will keep your points valid one year after your order. TVC-Mall has a different policy, your points will reset at the first of January. Which is a bit ridiculous..

It does not stop over there. You can earn points with different actions. So for example with registering you will get 10 TVC points, which is not that bad. You could also earn points with just ordering products. In this manner, they want to stimulate you to buy more at their store, which is something every shop does. But at TVC Mall you will get 0.5 points for every $100 dollar order.

30 TVC points are exchangeable into $1 dollar discount, those discount are only available as a discount on a future order. So for example, if you order is $100 dollar. You will earn 0.5 points, which are worth ($1/60) $0,017 dollar cents. So, TVC-Mall makes their point system very compelling.

And it is not over yet. You are only able to redeem your points if you have more than 30 into your account. So, you will have to order more than $6000 dollar on TVC-Mall to get access to extra discounts. There are some other ways to earn points, but those are not always available or one-time opportunities.


TVC-Mall does not offer oversea warehouses. All their orders are shipped from their main warehouse in China. They openly invite you to their website to visit their warehouse. Which is, of course, a good thing!

Special Features

Buying in bulk is an easy task at TVC-Mall, their feature is easily accessible and gives a nice overview of your discount. Their price discount table has the following structure:

  • 1 unit = 0%
  • 2 + units = 3%
  • 10 + units = 7%
  • 25 + units = 10%
  • 50 + units = 13%


Overall we have a mixed feeling about TVC-Mall. There are certainly some good features, but on the opposite some weird and not accommodating for the customer. We are starting off with the good ones.

Their openness and honesty on their web page, it is evident how they work and how to contact them. Their web shop is a real good place when you are looking for cell phone accessories, and the search system works very fine. Buying in wholesale is clear and with some good discounts when you increase the amount of items.

Some less appealing points are their shipping costs, their shipping fees are often very high compared to other stores. And next to that, their returning and warranty policy is not something which puts the customer in front. You will have to pay returning fees, and there are many restrictions. Last but not least, their product reviews are often fake, and the TVC point system is some joke.

So in the end, buy at TVC-Mall when the shipping costs are respectable, and the warranty is a risk you are willing to take.

3.4 / 5.0
4 Review(s)

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3% off all products



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$55 off for purchase $1000 or more of undiscounted products



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8% off purchasing Huawei cases



User Reviews

Micheal S. Giardina / 20-09-2017, 03:03

+1 -2

Reliable website?

  • Great support
    Good quality
  • Paid shipping

Crew_phone case / 03-07-2017, 19:09

+3 -0

TVC mall has beside shipping cost a transaction fee.

  • a lot of phone cases for good price
  • Transaction fee

Bas / 31-03-2017, 21:14

+2 -0

Just looking for any reliable reviews for TVCMALL, anybody?

  • -
  • -

CI Crew / 22-03-2017, 15:08

+3 -1

Many phone accessories, also from the known Brands outside of China.

  • Large assortment.
  • Delivery and Support are not always as we should want it.

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