TomTop, founded in 2004 and since 2006 “Gold Supplier” on Alibaba. They offer mainly electronics and gadgets but you could also find clothes. That together with their warehouses overseas and their product offer makes them an interesting competitor. But be aware, there is one major downside which need to be considered when you buy something at TomTop.

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TomTop is for us somewhat unknown, we really like their product offer and deals. However, their history shows some untrustworthiness. They are working hard to overcome the latter reputation. But stated by other consumers; The support department of TomTop is remarkable poor when you need them.


  • Product Offer
  • Prices
  • Offer from different Warehouses
  • Live Chat
  • Point System


  • Their customer service is not transparent enough
  • Sending and Delivery are below average
  • Many products without Free Shipping
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Payment Methods

They provide the regular methods as PayPal and the major credit cards. We advise to always use PayPal, especially with this web shop and their reputation according to “bad” deliveries. With PayPal you will always have some insurance on your payment and they seem sensitive for that.

If you don’t want to use PayPal or a regular credit card there are some other options. They offer as alternative credit card JCB or WebMoney for an e-wallet option. Besides that you can pay with Boleto and CashU. TomTop has a lot of customers in Russia therefore they offer besides the regular options two methods for Russia: Qiwi and the Yandex Money option.

Shipping and Delivery

Tomtop is not famous about their shipping and delivery support. There are many complaints about not working tracking codes, products take forever to ship and not well packed parcels. It seems that these issues mostly occur from their Chinese warehouse and that their local warehouses provide a better experience.

They provide the following options for shipping: Super Saver Shipping, Standard Shipping, Expedited Shipping and Priority Shipping. They are offering Free Shipping for only 20.000 products, other orders will have shipping costs dependable on size, weight and location.

The average total delivery time from Chinese web shops is around 15 business days. TomTop most of the time don’t achieve that. Their shipping methods differ from 3 to 20 business days and that is only the shipping time. In some occasions their processing time takes longer than normally expected. They don’t mention those times on their website.

Returning and Warranty

On their website they state the 45 days money back guarantee and 365 days free repairs. Which are of course positive points. However, there are a lot of complains about their customer support service when needing those options. So we are not sure what it’s actually worth.

When you buy something from TomTop (which is certainly not a scam) you just have to be prepared that in case of a problem you don’t need to expect much. Which is probably the old fashioned way of doing business in China, there are many other alternatives which take customer support serious.

Customs and Tax

They state on their website that you need to pay tax when you choose for the “Expedited Shipping” or “Priority Shipping” methods and order from the China warehouse. This is mostly true, but this does not say that you will not have to pay Custom tax when order with one of the other methods.

Point System

Like many others TomTop also offers a point system for you. With those points you are able to get discounts on future buying’s, 100 points = $1 USD.

You could earn points in various ways, from “signing up” to share/upload product photos and videos. This is of course stimulating customer interaction. Yet, for writing a product review you only get 10 points. Which is equal to $0,10 dollar cents.

In our opinion this is not worth to write a profound review about your just bought product. And uploading a product picture will yield 20 points, compared to writing a review that’s earned fast. The latter is of course less time consuming but you are getting more points. In comparison with other web shops the TomTop point system is far less rewarding.


One major plus are the overseas warehouse placed in the UK (5000 products), ES (2100 products), US (3700 products) and DE (4000 products). Besides these warehouses it seems that they are planning to start in Russia and France.

Major advantages to order at the local warehouses are the delivery times and not needing to pay custom taxes.

Special Features

We are not able to mention any Special Features.


TomTop is a website with multiple faces, which is not always positive. They have a great variety of products from good Chinese brands. Their prices are competitive and they have warehouse over the globe. That together with their 10 year “Gold Supplier” certification at Alibaba sounds great. However, there are some complaints about their customer support when receiving broken products. Of course those complaints are always more visible around the internet and we don’t think you should totally avoid this shop. But forewarned is forearmed, don’t expect much assistance from TomTop when you have an issue.

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CI Crew / 22-03-2017, 15:15

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3.8 "We ordered some finger spinners from TomTop. With the express shipping option and DHL. The package arrived astronomic fast from China to the Netherlands. Within 5 days. "

  • We got an SMS message on forehand about our delivery. And it even came one day earlier.
  • Not always Free Shipping

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