The name Tinydeal suggest small consumer goods which can be bought with a low budget. But after the first visit you directly notice that this site does not contain low budget products but is one of the bigger Chinese webshops with high-end brands. Their slogan: “Great Value. Great Experience.“.

Their wide variety of products, frequently competitive prices and their powerseller status on Ebay makes Tinydeal one of the webshops which always should be checked for the best value to price.

TinyDeal Homepage

CompareImports Experience with TinyDeal

We are overall quite satisfied about Tinydeal but there is still room for improvement. All orders we made in the past were delivered quite fast and without any struggle. A few products ordered in 2014 are still used daily. Tinydeal has competitive prices and some products are cheaper than other China webshops.

Tinydeal’s website it not the most user friendly website. Although Tinydeal has all the required information you would like, we find it hard to navigate and find the wanted page. If you visit other pages besides the homepage you get the idea that you are visiting an informative website and not a Chinese wholesale webshop. The good news is that our experience with the products are great! And the delivery is fast!

Tinydeal has attractive promotions where you could find excellent deals. In 2016 they even ran a lottery where tickets could be bought, unlucky we did not won.

What we like the most on Tinydeal is that they admit that glitches can occur. They state: “From time to time, there may be occasional glitches in the ordering process, but those issues can generally be resolved by the Tinydeal dedicated Customer Service staff.”


  • Great Promotions
  • Competitive Prices
  • Product Support
  • Delivery Time
  • No Account Needed


  • Outdated Website/Newsletter Look
  • Newsletters With The Same Information
  • Shipping Fee by Returning Goods
  • Unclear Warranty Policy

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Extra Shop Information

Tinydeal offers several the main payment methods including Paypal, Mastercard and Visacard. Next to these standard payment methods they offer also directly money transfer methods like Western Union, IDEAL (Netherlands), Webmoney, QIWI Кошелек and Sofort. After the payment you directly receive an order confirmation in your email.

One major advantage from buying on Tinydeal is their Worldwide Free Shipping. This service counts for every product with some exceptions. The package is not oversized and the weight is less than 2 kilograms.

Tinydeal offers different shipping options, the most regular methods are Non-Registered Airmail or Registered Airmail. The delivery time for those methods are 15-30 business days. Like other Chinese webshops they state that free delivery is possible but it is hard to provide a good indication on the definite delivery date. The Non-Registered Airmail option does not provide a tracking code, if your order value is larger than USD $20 the service will upgraded for free to Registered Airmail (with tracking code).

Besides the regular options there are various Express Shipping methods. These are dependable on the destination country. The delivery time varies from 4-15 working days.

You could easily see the available shipping methods, costs and delivery times for your order when checking the cart.

Although they indicate that all items are tested before shipping, a defect or DOA (Dead On Arrival) may occur. Sending back a DOA item must be done within 5 days after delivery.

Tinydeal’s warranty is heavily dependable on a product category. The warranty differs from 1 Month (e.g. Phone Accessories) to 12 Months (e.g. Laptops). Check the official page at Tinydeal, Tinydeal Warranty for a complete overview per category.

A valid claim within the warranty period results in a free repair service, exchange, replacement or a reasonable refund. When you need to apply for your warranty, you will have to follow the next steps:

  • 1. Sign in with your TinyDeal account on
  • 2. Go to
  • 3. Select the Order Number
  • 4. Select the Type of Email: Broken or Defective items received
  • 5. Upload the documents and the message.
    • Note, you will have to pay the return shipping costs by yourself, a minor downside.

Tinydeal does not offer any extra services according to custom tax. They even state that you are fully responsible for paying customs duty and fulfilling the necessary paperwork. If there are problems with the customs clearance and your order is damaged, confiscated or returned back to Tinydeal. You cannot claim anything at Tinydeal.

In our experience the chance to pay customs duty is higher when you select a premium shipping method. So a small tip, which count for all wholesale shops. Just choose the Free Shipping method.

Tinydeal has introduced from their beginning the Tinydeal TD points which make it possible to earn credits. These credits can be used for your next purchase. The point system is quite lucrative for frequent customers. There are several ways to earn and collect TD points. The easiest method is by just buying an item, you will get 10% of your order value in points . Those points can applied as discount, where 10 TD Points are worth USD 1$.

Besides the regular points for each purchase you can collect TD points in more different ways. By just uploading product pictures you will earn 1 TD point for each picture (with a max of 5 points). You could earn 6 TD points with writing a review and posting pictures of the product. Most points can be collected with making a product video, this will give you 10 TD points.

Additionally there frequently are social media promotions, by posting or joining a contest on Facebook or Twitter you could earn some extra points.

Some additional practical information. The earned points can be used after a 60 day retention period (probably something to do with their return policy). You can get a discount of maximal 90% of the order value. Last but not least, your Tinydeal points keep valid for one year .

Tinydeal has in total three oversea warehouses. Located in Spain, the United States and another one in the EU (exact location is unknown).

Although this looks quite impressive the Spain and European warehouse have each 120 products in stock. There is no price distinction between those warehouses. The US warehouse only account 4 products. Overall the prices are significantly higher than from their China warehouse. With these amount of products it looks like the warehouses are just some small stores who operate as a middle man.

Tinydeal does not have real special features which distinguish them from other Chinese shops. However, they have an Tinydeal App in the Apple App Store and the Android Playstore.

They offer the ability to buy products in bulk, which could provide you extra discount.


Extra 5% OFF for All Cell phones from China/HK Warehouse + Wolrdwide Free shipping @TinyDeal!



Extra 10% OFF Sports & Outdoor from China/HK Warehouse + Wolrdwide Free shipping @TinyDeal!



10% Discount Coupon for TFV12 Tank



Extra 10% OFF for All Wearable Technology from China/HK Warehouse + Wolrdwide Free shipping @TinyDeal!






Extra 10% OFF Home & Living from China/HK Warehouse + Wolrdwide Free shipping @TinyDeal!



10% Discount Coupon for Ammit Dual RTA



Extra 10% OFF Toys & Hobbies from China/HK Warehouse + Wolrdwide Free shipping @TinyDeal!



7% OFF Aspire Brand Products



Extra 10% OFF Apple & Samsung from China/HK Warehouse + Wolrdwide Free shipping @TinyDeal!



10% Discount Coupon for Smok AL85 MOD



Extra 10% OFF Fashion from China/HK Warehouse + Wolrdwide Free shipping @TinyDeal!



7% OFF RDTA Products



Extra 10% OFF Car Accessoriesfrom China/HK Warehouse + Wolrdwide Free shipping @TinyDeal!



6% Discount Coupon for IJOY Brand



Extra 6% OFF for All Tablet PCs from China/HK Warehouse + Wolrdwide Free shipping @TinyDeal!



7% Discount Coupon for Sub-ohm Tanks



Extra 10% OFF for All Electronics from China/HK Warehouse + Wolrdwide Free shipping @TinyDeal!




Although their website and logo looks a bit outdated Tinydeal is definitely competition for the other Chinese webshops and some deals are undefeatable. The entire process after placing the order is very clear and the package will be delivered certainly! If not you can easily get in contact. Tinydeal is also know for the genuine products! At last, their iPhone and Android App is working well and is very clear.

Just take a look for yourself? Check Out TinyDeal


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3.8 "Our experience with TinyDeal is pretty well. We especially like the more expensive categories here, with good brands."

  • The real brands, with sometimes good deals.
  • The warranty is a bit unclear and you need to pay shipping fee for returning items..

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