Sunsky Online already exist since 2001. They originally started as a wholesale company, and they still are. They name as their B2C webshop. But despite the fact that they call themselves a B2B company you are also able to buy you China gadgets in pieces at Sunsky.

Besides that, they own a webshop for only spare parts, And they got two product brands, Haweel a mobile phone brand and Puluz an action cam brand. Both complete web shops with also many accessories.

Main categories you can find on Sunsky are: tablets.

Sunsky-Online Homepage

CompareImports Experience with Sunsky-Online

We have a good relationship with Sunsky-Online and their employees. We “not yet” ordered anything at their webshop. But what certainly gains trust is their sophisticated About Us page. They are clear about their office, address, support information and showing pictures of their workforce. A section like this makes a Chinese webshop real. Reviews of third party sites are positive, and they score very well. They offer wholesale discounts which can be interesting if you are searching for larger quantities. However, the minimum order quantity (MOQ) is just one item. On the downside, they don’t offer free shipping.


  • Honesty About Company
  • Wholesale Discounts


  • No Free Shipping
  • No Flashy Website
  • Product Reviews Seen not Legit

Sunsky-Online Alternative Shops

Multiple Warehouses
Lots of Gadgets
Best Customer Service

Gearbest's Little Brother
Valuable Point System

Geat Product Support
Order Without Account
Keep an Eye on Their Promotions!

Extra Shop Information

At Sunsky you can pay with some regular payment methods. But you cannot purchase with any credit card. You can pay with regular PayPal (which is our recommended payment method). They also offer the Alipay method from Alibaba. Besides these, you have the opportunity to use Western Union, Moneygram or just a wire transfer.

You can find their payment information for each method on the following page: Payment Methods

Sunsky provides some tips about efficient and cheaper shipping methods. Especially when ordering larger orders, they state that sometimes it’s cheaper to order 21kg than a parcel which weighs only 17kg.

If you just buy smaller orders beneath 2kg you should almost always choose the surface mail method with China Post.

However, when ordering larger quantities of the same product, the shipping costs will increase quickly. They count the weight and dimensions.For example an order of Dummy Camera’s, which is worth $73 dollar, we had to pay $38 dollar shipping costs. Probably because the Dimension: 0,0194m3 and a weight of almost 3kg.

These expensive costs make Sunsky probably a lesser competitive shop to buy your products. So as a typical consumer you can better look at their B2C shop Eforchina, they offer free shipping methods.

They also state that damaged or lost items are your responsibility. So you have to ensure your order self.

The returning and warranty disclosure is a bit vague. The first thing we noticed is the returning shipping fee you have to pay yourself. Even in a situation you received the wrong product.

Besides that there is no guarantee from Sunsky on the products themselves, they point to manufacture warranties which are usually valid for one year after your purchase. So be aware of this issue

Sunsky Online Return Address

  • Attn: Yao MingGe
  • Address: 8/F, No.614 Building, Bagua 1st Road, Futian District, Shenzhen
  • City: Shenzhen
  • Zipcode: 518029
  • Country: China
  • Tel: +86-755-61302080

Sunsky does not offer anything regarding customs duty or any other taxes. You as a customer are responsible for those costs and should know if they are applicable. All prices on Sunsky are without these fees and shipping costs.

Like with any order from China be aware of the rules in your country. And expect to pay taxes or customs duty in certain situations.

Sunsky also offers a point system, with that you can earn points which can be exchanged into discount dollars. By sharing products on social media or writing reviews, you earn points. Writing a review of your purchased product can worth 10 to 20 points.

By writing reviews on third party websites you can also earn points. However, this will probably increase subjectiveness of certain reviews on those particular sites.

50 Sunsky points have a value of $1 dollar. You can only exchange points when the amount is more than 50.

They offer products from their oversea warehouses. Sunsky Online has warehouses in Russia, US and, Hong Kong. But, the available products from these warehouses are around 500. And most of those are mobile phones.

With a Sunsky account you can take advantage of your prior purchases. Because they are weighed to calculate your discount on your next order.





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Sunsky Online is a webshop which is trustworthy despite the old fashioned look. The shop is less attractive for people who are looking for a single product, because of the high shipping fees.

Their warranty policy is certainly not prominent, and we either don't know if you could trust the product reviews. Besides they offer wholesale discounts, your past sales (60 days back) will also count for these discounts.

Just take a look for yourself? Check Out Sunsky-Online


chinachopper / 25-09-2017, 06:59

+1 -0

2.3 "a lot of parts but shipping payment so not that cheap for only 1 piece"

  • parts of phones, tablets. not expencive
  • shipping cost (i didn't calculate)

Bas / 18-09-2017, 14:29

+3 -0

2.5 "Oke... but the shipping cost!!!!!!!!"

  • no special
  • shipping cost!!!!!!

Brahim El / 22-08-2017, 16:21

+1 -4

5.0 "Tank you verematch"

  • Na pros
  • No cons

kathy / 18-07-2017, 02:59

+1 -3

5.0 "many product in this website, we are very interested to buy"

  • the sales manager is good service
  • i like to buy from this website

kenny / 18-07-2017, 02:58

+1 -3

5.0 "the price is cheap, shipping is fast, good quality"

  • i like this website
  • i will buy more

CI Crew / 24-03-2017, 14:50

+5 -0

3.3 "First review about Sunsky. A B2B company which sometimes got some stuff for regular consumers. However, buying in larger quantities offers advantages at Sunsky."

  • Nice contact person
    Bulk discounts
  • Expensive shipping

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