Geekbuying, founded in 2009. Their slogan: “Nifty Gadgets for Tech Addicts”. Geekbuying is a Chinese web shop focused on small electronics. You are on the right place for Phones, RC Toys, Virtual Reality, Action Cameras or Wearables. They offer the better Chinese brands and have a big collaboration with Xiaomi.

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We really like for their expertise and focus on quality brands. Their store reaches further than only selling gadgets, they really try to provide the extra “geek” information. Like helping you with firmware issues or explaining how to root your phone. We have good experiences with Geekbuying and their customer service. Their downside is probably their price, they can’t compete with the other stores. But their price is maybe less of an issue, with their price match deal. If you find the same product cheaper somewhere else, they will offer the same price. So use carefully, to find that out easily.


  • Their Geekbuying Blog
  • Brand Oriented
  • Detailed Support for Products
  • Price Match


  • No Point/Referral System
  • Not the Cheapest
  • Long Processing Times
Just take a look for yourself? Check Out Geekbuying

Payment Methods

You are able to pay in most known ways on Geekbuying. With PayPal or with other regular credit cards. Besides those latter methods they also offer Western Union or wire transfer, mostly for larger orders.

Shipping and Delivery

Geekbuying offers free shipping all over the world. And according to our knowledge also as registered mail with an tracking number. Besides the regular mail options they also provide express services like, EMS, DHL, TNT or UPS. And some other priority mail options. Those latter options are heavily country dependable.

The shipping times are estimates and the processing time is not included. Geekbuying counts for each of their products a 2-7 days processing time before really shipping the parcel. This is a bit slow according to other shops, which often process their products in a few days.

You could also use their “shipping insurance” for USD1.99. In case your package got lost while shipping Geekbuying will send another product for free. This is something different than their failure warranty.

According to other customers their delivery is not always the fastest out there. So you have to be patient sometimes.

Returning and Warranty

Geekbuying has some regular warranty and guarantee policies. However, there are some points you need to be aware of. Because it’s not totally clear if the rules are valid for your specific product.

This is what is stated on the guarantee page: “GeekBuying offers 1 year warranty for the Consumer Electronics for example: TV BOX, TABLET, CELLPHONE, GAMEPAD, SECURITY ITEMS and so on. ”. But which categories are so on? On another page they state that RC quadcopters are not “so on”. So their policy about a free repair within one year of arrival when products are faulty for non-artificial reasons is a bit unclear.

Another point to mention is that you are responsible for the returning costs. And that if it is not done by regular mail you will also be charged for the custom costs.

One major plus is that they provide an clear e-mail, live-chat portal and their office phone-number. That indicates that they are willing to help you with all your after sales issues.

Customs and Tax

Geekbuying does not offer a service to pay off the possible custom taxes. But they declare the value of the package as low as possible and mark it as a gift. This is not the case with the faster shipping methods (DHL or EMS).

Point System

A bit disappointing but Geekbuying does not provide a point system for their customers. So you are able to write reviews or post photo’s, but you don’t get anything back for those efforts.

Besides the missing of a point system the customer reviews seem legitimate, with pros and cons written out. On the other hand the ratings are a bit unreal, or a product got 5/5 stars or zero reviews. But the latter is not only the issue at Geekbuying.


Geekbuying has multiple oversea warehouses. They are placed within the UK, Spain, France, Germany and the US. Just like other shops those warehouses have some major advantages. No custom costs and faster deliveries. However, the assortment at those warehouse is often far less than from the regular Chinese warehouse. This is also the case at Geekbuying, there US warehouse contains at the moment of writing three different products.

The only valuable warehouse is the one from Spain, which contains approx. 400 products. Those are only delivered in the following countries: Spain/Portugal, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, UK, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech republic, Finland, Hungary, Sweden, Ireland, Romania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania.

Special Features

Some fun fact, Geekbuying also offers their own product, the Geekbox. A TV-Box / Mediaplayer which will create your TV into an intelligent machine. The box is created for everyone from noobs to geeks and with DIY capabilities.

The place where Geekbuying is really standing out from the crowd is their blog. There they are talking several posts a day about stuff real geeks would love. Reviews, Unboxings, and Leaked Features. And besides the regular blogs it’s also an information source for root tutorials and firmware updates.

Geekbuying and Xiaomi have a partnership, they often have special Xiaomi deals and promotions.


Overall Geekbuying is certainly a shop to take a look. They offer good quality Chinese brands and extra detailed information. The latter is often missing at other Chinese web shops. Besides these advantages their prices are somewhat high (but they offer “Price Match) and their processing/shipping times are often longer than their competitors. But for the real geeky stuff and an source of information? Don’t forget Geekbuying!

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CI Crew / 21-03-2017, 07:38

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3.8 "We love Geekbuying. They sell high quality products with really sophisticated product informations. "

  • Their blog and product knowledge, you will not find that at any other Chinese shop.
  • Their price is always a bit higher and they are not the fastest shippers.

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