Gearbest is one of the largest online Chinese webshops out there. is online since December 2013, so it is incredible that they have grown so fast! Their slogan is: "Best Gear at Best Prices". They are one of the top webshops where you should buy your China gadgets and products. They specialized in drones, RC cars, watches, tablets, and smartphones.

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CompareImports Experience with Gearbest

Compare Imports definitely recommend GearBest, this online web shop is a reliable store and certainly not a scam. It belongs among the best from China. Their web page looks modern. Your e-mail got answered within 24 hours, they offer the newest products, shipping and delivery are of outstanding quality and their prices are rock bottom. We ordered many products directly from their shop, as well from the EU warehouse as their regular store in China.


  • 72 Hours Price Protection
  • Live Chat
  • Customer Experience
  • Shipping Time


  • No Price Match

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Extra Shop Information

Gearbest offers three categories of payment methods. 1. Pay with PayPal, 2. Pay with CreditCard via PayPal or 3. Pay with CreditCard directly. Available credit card methods differ from country to country. For all countries, they offer main credit cards like; Mastercard, Visa, and Diners Club.

Wire Transfer/Bank Transfer is possible when the total product value is above US$500 dollar. If you want to pay with the Western Union the product value must exceed US$300 dollar.

Gearbest accepts through PayPal (method 2) the following credit cards: MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Discover. Customers in Brazil can use Boleto Bancario and people from North Africa, or the Middle East have the option for CASHu.

Gearbest offers to ship to almost all countries in the world. They only not send to South Sudan and Palestine. They offer four different shipping methods: unregistered, registered, priority line and expedited shipping. They differ in shipping time, costs and availability in the country. Not all options are available in all countries.

Gearbest is often mentioned about their professional shipping and package method. They even place a picture of your package on the confirmation page, over there you could also find you tracking number.

They offer an insurance to guarantee a safe delivery of your shipment. When your order is damaged or lost, Gearbest will resend the same order without extra charges.

Besides this insurance which cost you a small amount extra they also have some regular Warranty services. When your order is Dead on Arrival (DOA), you have three days to contact their support center. You will first have to pay the returning shipping fee; Gearbest will conclude themselves if the returned product is faulty. When that is the case they will offer you a new product for free (and reimburse your return shipping costs) or a full refund.

45 Days money back guarantee for most products. You will have to pay the return shipping costs by yourself, a minor downside.

Each product in the store got a 365 Days free repair warranty (Unless otherwise noticed on the product page). With this warranty the product is qualified for a free repair. These items sent back to the manufacturer; the customer has to pay the returning shipping fee themselves (Gearbest will pay the shipping fees back to the client when repaired). Keep in mind that if the buyer has damaged the product themselves the warranty is not eligible.

Gearbest does not offer any extra services according to customs duty. However, our experience and from others is that you will only have to pay when choosing for something else than unregistered shipping.

Gearbest offers an extensive point system for their members. When buying products you can earn points, which you can spend for discounts. Your first points are relatively easy to obtain, by just submitting your order feedback. By this, you will earn 5 points. However, with posting reviews with photos and videos, you could earn 70 points. The value of 50 points = $1.00 . You can find the full explanation on the Gearbest Point System page.

They offer around 80.000 different products from 10 Warehouses worldwide. Their stores located in China, Hong Kong, UK, Spain and four in the United States. The warehouses beside the one from China have on average 200 different products in stock. This is somewhat small in comparison with their 80k product offer from their Chinese warehouse.

Gearbest has the option to open a GB wallet. There are some benefits to using this wallet if you are a regular customer.

Many people don't know the wholesale variant of Gearbest, VolumeBest. On this website, you have the possibility to buy large quantities with discount. If you are a merchant this web shop could be interesting.

Gearbest is more than a store and tries to help their customers. Their blog section "How To" is a perfect example of guides and tips for all kind of handy stuff.


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Gearbest should be the example for all Chinese webshops. Besides their flash sale, cheap and good quality products, they offer an extensive professional customer service experience. Considering their fast shipping but also their excellent chat services. Moreover, last but not least their service to take a picture of your parcel and adding a tracking code to every order.There is just nothing to complain.

Just take a look for yourself? Check Out Gearbest


Cole / 11-07-2017, 09:16

+0 -2

1.5 "Terrible service, no support, thieves. "

  • Not enough pros to detract from the fact that this company is run by dishonest thieves, with terrible customer support.
  • Terrible service, no support, thieves. Even the first line of the review above says it. " is online since December 2013, so it is incredible that they have grown so fast!" It is not incredible, they ripped a lot of people off and paid for their marketing. They pay for all of their reviews. Search in more detail and you will see. They also sell fake products.

Bas / 31-03-2017, 21:19

+3 -0

4.0 "Purchased bluedio H + at GearBest. delivers within three weeks. Works fine"

  • Fast
  • seal let loose. quality of bluedio's glue

Bas / 21-03-2017, 11:15

+0 -1

3.8 "Never used support. One of the best china webshops.. I think. "

  • -
  • -

Bernard / 01-02-2017, 16:44

+0 -0

4.3 "Quick delivered my Xiaomi redmi note 3. Product arrived in perfect state. "

  • Delivery
  • None

Bernard / 03-01-2017, 10:06

+0 -0

4.3 "Decent prices, Quality as mentioned, Sended from the EU warehouse"

  • Good Price
    Within 8 business days from a Eu warehouse
    Product came complete
  • none

CI Crew / 03-01-2017, 09:26

+3 -0

4.3 "The first review of Gearbest is from our self (CI Crew). Our experience with Gearbest is very good. They are cheap, have quality products and an excellent customer services department."

  • Very good pricing
    A lot of promotions
    Good after sales
  • We truly cannot mention one. This shop is probably one of the better China shops at the moment.

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