Focalprice founded back in 2008. They might have the most overloaded layout and clickable site of all the Chinese online stores, which is on the other side also handy since everything is within reach and one click away.

It looks like Focalprice has lost the battle of becoming a competitor in the B2C market. Although their website looks still active, the mobile website will give a "BAD GATEWAY" error, and some links don’t work. Even the Focalprice Password Assistance to recover you password doesn’t act appropriately. Several subpages have underneath the footnote “2008-2011” which in our opinion indicates that those pages haven’t been updated since 2011. So the main question is; “Is Focalprice still reliable, do they still offer the newest products and how is their after service?”

Focalprice Homepage

CompareImports Experience with Focalprice

Compare Imports still thinks Focalprice is a reliable website, but they really should take care of their website since it is outdated on many parts. Most customer service links don't seem to work, like the chat or help center. Frequently you get redirected to where all data is located, and you are not able to shop. Clicking on "buyable" links will return you to their usual site address.

Overall their prices are higher than other websites and buying a product will not always deliver you the ordered product. Sometimes, Focalprice will cancel it and refund if we should believe other reviews.

But is their also good news? Yes, Focalprice has all newer products from brands like Xiaomi, Hubsan, etc. and up to date promotions.


  • Everything Within Reach from the Frontpage
  • Daily Deals
  • No Account Needed


  • Outdated Website
  • Customer Service Difficult to Reach
  • Higher Prices
  • Question Marks on their Reliability
  • Worldwide Negative Customer Reviews
  • No Mobile App

User Reviews Score

2.0 / 5.0
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3.0 Support
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Payment Methods

You could order a product through PayPal express without the need of a Focalprice account. This feature is very handy and often missing at other Chinese stores, where an account is necessary. Besides, the regular Paypal option they also offer credit cards like Mastercard and Visa card through PayPal. Last but not least you can use WebMenoy or Boleto After the payment you directly receive an order confirmation by email.

Shipping & Delivery

After placing the order and before payment you can choose between three shipments methods. Standard Shipping (Airmail), there are no extra costs, and it will take 8 to 13 business days for the total shipping time. Standard Shipping with Tracking Number(Airmail), the extra costs for this option will be around $3 dollar and it will take 8 to 13 business days for the shipment.Express Shipping with Tracking Number it will cost around USD $16 and will take 5 to 7 business days for delivery.

Returning & Warranty

Returning products under warranty is possible at Focalprice. The only thing you need to do is to fill in an RMA request in your personal account with the order Id and SKU (product) number. Besides, you need provide some proof with images and explain the reason for returning.

Next to that, you have to indicate if you want your money back or a replaced item. After approval, Focalprice will send a new replacement product, or they will return your money. According to their policy, both procedures will be accomplished within three business days.

Focalprice Warranty policy is divided in different sections and situations. The first 90 days after the shipping date you will have the right to return your items and request a replace or refund. This option is possible when the items is missing, there is cosmetic damage, you received the wrong product, or the machine does not work appropriately.

The last option is available till 180 days after shipment. However, not for a return or refund. But, Focalprice will repair the failed product.

After 180-days you will have to pay for the shipping fees and a possible repair fee.

Customs & Tax

Focalprice does not offer any extra services concerning customs duty. There is no information on their website about this issue either.

As always, be aware of the possibility you will need to pay customs duty in your country. Using regular airmail will reducing the risk, but eventually, there is always a chance.

Point System

Just like many Chinese webshops you will have the ability to earn FP points. Points which you can use for future discounts. The system is somewhat different than other stores. You will have to exchange your FP points to coupons.

There are two main options, if you transfer 55 FP points, you will get a coupon for 1% off on any item or 1$ dollar discount on an order from $50 + dollars. You can check your Focal Points and Coupons in your personal account.

Next to earning points for purchasing items, you could also gain points with reviewing products or publishing product pictures. A review is worth 20 points and a image 15 points. In this manner, you could earn 35 extra points for every purchase. Try to write something real and informative. The Focalprice staff will check your review before crediting the additional points.

Note that although Focalprice has this point system, we are not certain if it works correctly. Considering all the issues we encountered lately.


Focalprice only ships their products from a mainland Chinese warehouse. There is no option to choose oversea storage facilities, and according to our knowledge, they are not planning to build one in the near future. Which is, of course, a major downside compared to their competitors.

Special Features

Focalprice offers their customers the possibility to buy products in wholesale. For that purpose they have another store/website,


We don’t see a good reason to buy stuff at Focalprice. They offer new brands and popular items. However, their prices are never lower.

Next, to their high prices, the website does not function as it should. It is hard to find your way, through the many errors which they are not fixing. Making an account is even not error free, and the customer service chat is not working. So our advice would be. Consider another site if the product is also elsewhere available. If the product is only available at Focalprice, just be aware! And prepare yourself for a fair chance to be disappointed.

2.0 / 5.0
1 Review(s)
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User Reviews

CI Crew / 06-02-2017, 15:38

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Not the most trustful shop to buy from. If the product is only available here, you could definitely try it. Otherwise just go for another shop.

  • Newest products with the good brands
  • Bad website, with outdated data. Customer service not always that helpful

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