FastTech is a major store from China. They have been operating since 2012 and most of their customers are from Russia and the United States. This website sells everything that other Chinese stores sell. Android phones, pet supplies even Tesla parts and accessories. The sign that FastTech is a valid and innovative store is recognizable in their payment options, you are already able to pay with BitCoins.

They offer an enormous amount of tablets.

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CompareImports Experience with FastTech

Our experience with FastTech is slightly limited than with other stores. We only bought one product to test their service. The product arrived as expected and was in good condition. A small drawback was the relatively long delivery time. Our package arrived after 4-5 weeks with registered air mail. But the prices are sometimes really cheap and they sell products that you cannot find directly on other Chinese online webshops.

The FastTech FAQ is very comprehensive with answers to many possible questions, this should be the standard. Unfortunately, this is not always the case by China stores.


  • Split Shipments
  • FastTech Forum
  • Free Shipping
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Extensive FAQ


  • Shipping Slower than Competitors
  • Product Pictures All the Same
  • Google Translate for Other Languages

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Payment Methods

They offer the standard payment methods such as PayPal and major Credit Cards. A striking feature is the ability to pay with Bitcoins, the next cryptocurrency. This option is unlikely to be relevant to many of us, but the possibility to pay with Bitcoin is very progressive.

Shipping & Delivery

FastTech shipping is simple and clear, they offer Free Shipping on all purchases. Only if you want faster delivery, you need to pay for shipping. FastTech ships to anywhere in the world, with the exception of Hong Kong, China and Macau.

A special feature FastTech offers is the ability to split your order into smaller ones. This is normally done automatically for orders over $20 dollars, thus the in-stock items are shipped immediately. The nice part about this feature is that those separate shipments are visible within the original placed order.

FastTech tracking of your order is only available for orders of $20 dollar or more. Or with express shipping methods like e.g. USPS.

The delivery of FastTech parcels is estimated at 25 to 30 business days with Regular Air Mail. Registered Air Mail (which is free for orders of $20 or more) has a delivery time of 6 to 20 business days. A tracking number for orders under $20 is normally around $1 dollar of additional costs.

In addition to these methods, they offer many other courier options. Those are dependent of your country. Be aware that some products are prohibited in your country or cannot be shipped with a specific shipping method.

Returning & Warranty

FastTech offers their customers Money Back Guarantee. In case you are not happy with your product, you are able to return it within 45 days after delivery. The shipping costs for returning the item are for your own costs (if it’s not a fault from FastTech). There guarantee is only eligible in a delimited situation. (So please read their FAQ first!)

Products have a standard warranty of 6 months, from the initial shipment date. If not, it’s listed on the product page. The warranty policy can be divided into three sections.

0-3 Months after Shipment: Faulty items will be replaced and shipped back for free. You will have to send the defective item back first. These costs must be paid by yourself. You can receive compensation for the costs of max. 50% of the price of the initial item.

3-6 Months after Shipment: The conditions for your guarantee are almost identical as in the situation above. However, in this case you will have to pay the shipping costs yourself.

6 Months and longer after Shipment: You are still able to return your defective product. However, all the shipping costs need to be paid by yourself. FastTech will send the product back to the manufacturer, so be aware that your product is gone for quite a while.

If you have any urgent issues, you could call their support department. FastTech phone number: +1 (917) 436-1422. They are open on weekdays from 9:30am to 4:30pm Hong Kong Time.

Customs & Tax

FastTech does not provide any customs duty options for your order. They are sending their products through the port of Hong Kong, because of that there are no sales or export duties charged by the Hong Kong government.

Of course, you will be responsible for any additional costs for the customs in your own country. These costs differ from country to country, so we are advising to do some research on that part.

Point System

FastTech points are called “Rebate Points”. You will earn them with purchasing products, by participating in promotion events or with FastTech forum discussions. If you pay with PayPal/Credit Card you will earn 1% of the order value in points. But, if you pay with Bitcoin you will earn up to 3%.

Be aware that Rebate points will get the status “pending” for the first 60-days, in case of a possible cancelled order or refund. Next to that, your collected points will expire 1-year after you earned them.


FastTech does not have any additional oversea warehouse. All their items are shipped from Hong Kong.

Special Features

FastTech Mobile App, If you want to scroll their products everywhere and every time. The App itself works fine, not great and with no real specific interesting features. It’s just the website version in an App format.

Something which other Chinese stores lack, is a customer community. The FastTech forum is a place where you can ask your questions about anything related to the store or specific products. So if you have any problems with the customs when ordering “grey area” products, you could ask or find some advice on their forum.


FastTech is a reliable and transparent webshop. Their honesty and openness are extraordinary. They sell specific product groups which you cannot find cheaper else in China, and they also offer all the other gadgets and electronics. However, their shipping and delivery time are a point to be concerned about. If there are complaints about FastTech, this is the most prominent one. So be aware of those delivery time issues and you can absolutely buy over here.

1.3 / 5.0
2 Review(s)
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CI Crew / 22-03-2017, 15:22

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We are not agreeing with the review above. Every shop got their issues with individual customers.

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shane cooper / 02-03-2017, 05:02

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they lie and deliberately mislead their customers. not members of I.C.P.E.N.. trying to get a refund/compensation or reship is like trying to get blood out of a stone. electric criminals

  • there are none.
  • everything that fasttech practices in the way of business isnt business its - semi legitimate theft

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