Chinavasion is maybe the only China web shop with a real face. Jeffrey Ulrich founded Chinavasion back in 2004. According to their story, there were no China e-commerce stores where you could just buy a single item. Nowadays Chinavasion focuses stronger on the business to business reseller market although it is still possible to order individual items. Since their focus is on long-term collaborations with business customers and less on a single buyers/consumers. They strive to supply Chinese Electronics to every corner of the world. Their vision and task are making a China invasion to the rest of the world, which you can morph to Chinavasion.

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CompareImports Experience with Chinavasion

To be honest CompareImports does not have that much experience with Chinavasion. We only ordered one test product in the past. What immediately occurs is the shippings costs, there is no free shipping option, and you will always have to use one of the express services. But those options are reliable, and your order will arrive within five days. Besides the latter are their single product prices often higher than other shops. However, bulk prices are often competitive. When choosing the desired product you noticed that the price quickly drops when buying larger quantities.

Chinavasion offers most of the famous Chinese brands but also a lot of unknown (upcoming?) brands, they sell products "unbranded". One main benefit is their 12 months product warranty.


  • 12 Months Product Warranty
  • Excellent Customers Service
  • Bulk Orders
  • Discount with Larger Quantities


  • High Shipping Prices
  • Older Layout
  • Single Product Price is not great
  • Point System focused on resellers

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Payment Methods

ChinaVasion main payment method is Paypal, but credit cards and bank transfers are other possibilities.

Maybe interesting to know: "Can I pay you in rice, asbestos, rusty nails, camels, diamonds, or Mothers-in-Law? No, sorry. Some of our customers think we're inflexible, but..."

Shipping & Delivery

ChinaVasion own processing time on normal orders is 1-2 working days. All shipments have a track and trace code so that you can track your delivery. There are numerous shipping methods, with different delivery times, and Chinavasion has an option to collect the goods by yourselves, also called Ex-Works.

You have only the ability to chose the main courier services like FedEx, DHL, EMS, UPS or Hong Kong Post.

Returning & Warranty

One major advantage of buying at Chinavasion is their warranty, refund policy, and delivery guarantee. That together with their fast and excellent customer service makes them one of the better stores on that part.

In case your order never arrives, Chinavasion will re-send the order or give a full refund. This will be done after the delivery deadline, which is usually around 30-60 days.

When your order arrives but something is missing or broken. You will have to follow some required steps:

  • Formal complaint with the courier
  • Open a ticket on Chinavasion
  • Provide within three working days photos about the issue.
  • According to our knowledge Chinavasion will handle these issues without any problems. They respond fast and clear. So, in that fashion, they are offering a different experience than some of their competitors.

    Customs & Tax

    Chinavasion informs that you are responsible for the legality of the import and should check all requirements of the designated country. Chinavasion will prepare all required papers, but again their focus is gross, and every volume reseller should know the rules on this for their own country.

    Point System

    Chinavasion has a VIP Benefits program. This program is not much of what we usually know as the point system. This VIP program is clearly focusing on the bigger resellers. What we already mentioned earlier, Chinavasion is selling products a piece. However, they are focusing on business which orders larger quantities.

    The VIP level consist out of four levels: Bronze (Bought: $999), Silver (Bought: $4999), Gold (Bought: $10.000) and Platinum (Bought: $20.000). One of the benefits regarding those levels is price discounts. But, other benefits are mostly interesting for buyers who are reselling. Hence, Chinavasion gives you the opportunity to request EAN product codes. Or they offer localized power adapters for the product you ordered. Benefits which something consumer don't need.


    Chinavasion does not have on other warehouses than the one in Shenzhen, China. But, with their express shipping methods, the package will usually arrive within one week.

    Special Features

    Extensive special knowledge and support page

    You are always welcome to visit the warehouse and office.

    Many dropshipping possibility.

    Up to date blog where products are elaborated.


    When you are into the resellers business or would like to order huge amounts of products then Chinavasion might be the site for you. They are mainly focused on the bulk market and want to create sustainable relations with resellers. Nevertheless, when you see a single product that you want to buy as a regular consumer, then this is also possible. In the end, Chinavasion is a reliable store with an excellent service, solid warranty policy (12 months), and fast delivery. However, when buying small quantities, their prices are somewhat higher than the competition.

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    User Reviews

    Marc / 27-03-2018, 13:47

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    Items never received. No refund Invoice number: 2871052 I ordered a phone and some other things. (160$) Products never arrived. I opened a ticket and after months of back and forth. I got nothing

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    • All

    CI Crew / 22-03-2017, 15:03

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    The shipping fees are to large when buying single products. But they are certainly interesting because of the good warranty policy. You will not find that anywhere else in China.

    • Very good support and warranty policy.
    • Shipping fee is high.

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