Camfere is specialising in Cameras and related products from China. They offer actions cameras, digital cameras, lenses, tripods and many other accessories.

The shop is online since the end of 2016. We are dealing with a rather youthful shop. We know that Camfere is a child shop from TomTop, you will find almost every product on Camfere also on TomTop.

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CompareImports Experience with Camfere

Camfere has the availability to use the same warehouses as TomTop. Some products are available through their oversea warehouses in Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, and the US.

When browsing the categories you will see that many products have unboxing and review videos. This feature is really interesting and in this way, they provide a far better experience regarding information about the product.

If you find a product you like at Camfere, always check through our search engine if it is not cheaper at TomTop or Cafago. We did a small test with four products, in all cases, Camfere was the most expensive. The differences are not huge, at one case only 1/2 dollar. But in the competition was cheaper.

Here a few price examples:
Andoer C5 Pro
Insta360 Air Pocket

In the end, we like the website and the provided information and reviews. But overall their prices are too high and they offer no deals at all.


  • Warehouses


  • TomTop & Cafago often Cheaper!
  • Warranty Not Clear

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