XK is a Chinese brand, which specializes in Quadcopters, RC helicopters, RC airplanes and RC cars. All the products of the company are an emblem of elegant design and innovation. XK has secured the patents for all its drones which come in different designs and specs. The products of XK are available across the globe, and credit goes to the Amazon, eBay. AliExpress and other regional websites for online shopping. Their main drone models are the X100, X110, X250, X251, X252 X260, X350, X380, and X500. Helicopters are made under the K series which include the K100, K110, K120, K123 and K124. Last but not least XK manufacturers also three types of airplanes i.e. A1200, A600 and A700.

XK products are available in the following categories: Drones

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