Hubsan (Shenzhen Hubsan Intelligent Co. Ltd.) based in Shenzhen, the thriving technology hub at the heart of the drone marketplace, were established in 2010. Since then they have gone on to develop and manufacture a range of popular, affordable drones which appeal to everyone from beginners to seasoned hobbyists.

What’s especially great about Hubsan is that the majority of their designs and sizes make these drones capable of both indoor and outdoor flights. We like how even with such small quadcopters, the controls keep perfectly react to every press of the controller.

Hubsan has become known through the Hubsan X4 quadcopter. The models from Hubsan are reliable, easy to fly and therefore perfect for beginners! Hubsan has made flying a drone very accessible at inexpensive prices. After a series of small drones Hubsan now also focuses on larger drones.

Hubsan products are available in the following categories: Drones

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