The Twenty-first century is the century of drones and robotics, and Cheerson is one of the few companies in China and even of the world that makes state of the art drones. Cheerson’s product is an emblem of innovation, comprehensive research & development, aesthetics, and quality. The company was established in 2004, and in this limited time, it has managed to get some prestigious certificates like ISO9001 and ICTI, the former is an acronym of International Council of Toy Industry. The drones are categorized as aerial drones, racing drones, toy drones, and micro drones, and each category contains drones have different versions, specifications, and purposes. Cheerson sells their drones through authorized dealers, and except toy drones, all other types of drones are subjected to various rules and laws which are imposed in different countries.

Cheerson products are available in the following categories: Drones

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