Zeblaze Rover Smart Watch – Review

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Present year we are seeing wearables everywhere. Apple just introduced their Apple Watch, Sony already have their smartwatch and then of course Chinese brands are not that far behind. The options, quality and price of those products differs greatly, so what is eventually the best pick. CompareImports try to help you to figure out which smartwatch is suitable for you. Due to the wide range we will start with just one. The Zeblaze Rover (MTK2501), which already has some pretty good reviews on the web. Is a ‘smart’ watch not supposed to make life easier? but is the Zeblaze Rover really able to fulfill that task?

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Pro’s and Con’s

Upsides Downsides
  • Water resistant
  • Good accurate pedometer
  • Charging time (full within 30 minutes)
  • Need to reload the phonebook every single time
  • Does not take over the actual time of your phone (about being smart?)
  • Number of clocks (Just 3?)
  • No messages on IOS
  • Not that smooth with connecting and reconnecting

Zeblaze App – SmartBlue

We only tested the iOS version of the app. In our opinion it’s still very much China oriented, much text is in chinese which make it difficult to understand all functions. Besides that you have to register an account, but until today we don’t know why?..

Compatibility for an iPhone User (iOS 4.0 and above):
Finding the iPhone app is not that hard. Just enter the Apple store and search for the app smartblue. Just install smartblue on your phone (register for an account), then the Zeblaze watch can display the message and caption which will display on the top of your phone’s screen. Configuring the app with bluetooth did not went flawless. The app crashed multiple times when looking for bluetooth machines.

Compatibility for an Android User (Android 4.0 and above):
As mentioned earlier we did not tested this version. But according to the guide you just have to install Smartwatch.apk program on the smart phone to realize SMS, LINE, Facebook, Weather forecasts and other instant messaging reminders.

Comment for Apple store:
by Javapago
For iPhone, definitively there is a long way to be useful. Impossible to reset password..

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Zeblaze – Options

The Zeblaze has many options:

  • Sedentary reminder,Sleep monitoring, Anti theft
  • Call Function
  • Answer/Make call
  • Synchronous message
  • Bluetooth music player
  • Vibration
  • 0.5w speaker
  • Analog/Digital Interface
  • Pedometer
  • Altimeter
  • Thermometer
  • Barometer
  • English, German, French, Spanish, Italy, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch

These options seem a lot, but some are not that convenient. The 0.5w speaker? for listening music? or for listening to a person you are calling? We did not understand the added value, especially because it’s missing an audio jack in plug (funny note: the Apple watch has the same awesome speaker function). The vibration mode, of course when someone calls you is certainly helpful. However, when you lose you bluetooth connection with your phone it also vibrates. This appears like a good feature, but not when the connection is switching -on and -off every 10 seconds. Some other functions like the pedometer, thermometer, sedentary reminder, barometer work just fine. And are funny extra gadgets for a watch.

Zeblaze – Experience

Our first impression about the look and feel was pretty good. But when setting up the watch we already find out some flaws in the graphical looks as in the user friendliness. To get the watch functioning for basic usage you need to install the app ‘SmartBlue’. Finding the app is not the hard part, but setting it up is the challenge. The app keeps notifying me that bluetooth needs to be on (which it was) in order to connect. Everytime I looked for bluetooth devices through the app it crashed. The options itself did not always add value to the watch and because setting up was sometimes annoying it did not felt like a smooth working product.

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Zeblaze – Design

  • 1.54inch LCD Touch Screen 240*240 pixel
  • 8.8mm ultra-thin design
  • Premium Leather Watch Strap
  • Color: Black(Orange)/Gold(Brown)/Silver(Black)
  • Product size: 45 x 44 x 8.8 mm
  • Weight: 48g

Compare Imports Conclusion

Overall we think that this smartwatch is not that good as most online reviews tell us. The design is not that bad, but the actual functioning is a bit of a disappointment. It could be that the Zeblaze smartwatch will operate better in the future due to software and firmware updates. Or maybe the device is working better with Android? Of course compared to other smartwatches this one is very cheap, and probably the value for money is pretty good. However, we expected a more fluent system. Without having to connect to bluetooth over and over again. With an app which collaborates fine and adds some actual smartwatch features. A smartwatch is supposed to make life easier :(.

In our opinion the wearables industry is at the beginning of their journey, many features are still somewhat useless or in other words, extra gadgets. In the future we expect that the social aspect will be an important component for a smartwatch. The Zeblaze Rover still has some shortcomings on that part.

Where to Buy?

The Zeblaze Rover MTK2501 is available at three different shops. But Gearbest is by far the cheapest @ Gearbest for just $38,59.

You will also find the Zeblaze at Geekbuying and Banggood.

If you like the idea about buying a smartwatch, take a look at all smart-watches on Compare Imports.

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