Zeblaze Blitz Review

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The Zeblaze Blitz could be used as a smartphone replacement. It’s just an Android phone with everything on it. But the main selling point for the Blitz is probably also its huge downside. All those features.. it could replace your phone. However, do we want to replace our phone with the Blitz?


Zeblaze Blitz Smartwatch

There are a lot of Chinese smartwatches out there, many with a lot of features and possibilities. But the Zeblaze Blitz is not ‘just’ a smartwatch, it could be used as a complete smartphone replacement. So should we throw away our phone? This central selling point for the Blitz is probably also its big downside.

First Impression

It’s good that we did not throw away our phone at forehand and tested the Blitz as most people likely are going to use it. A smartwatch in combination with an Android phone. The first impression made me very excited. However, when using the watch over time some fractures came into our first opinion. The most annoying thing we directly faced was the battery and the Bluetooth connection. The battery percentage looks like to be a minute countdown clock. When using the watch regularly the battery was 50% percent down within 3 hours. Which is of course inconveniently for a smartwatch.

Software – Sinwear

Installing the corresponding app, Sinwear. The QR code on the watch helps us to find the right place. We found it a bit weird, but we got some security warnings and the app was not findable in the app store. This triggered some alarm bells… but after going through with the installation we had some sort of app on our phone. We found out that without the app, setting up a Bluetooth connection with our phone was just impossible.

Besides the latter, updating gives us this failure code: Error code 8007. The solution for this problem, just hold the screen active. However, these small annoying things add up and kills the user friendliness.

How to install Sinwear

Annoying Issues Zeblaze Blitz

Because there are so much annoying things, we decided to just put them all on the table. It’s unclear for us why there are so many ‘good’ reviews out there:
A. The Battery does not reach the 12-hour mark
B. The Bluetooth has an unstable connection
C. Most apps don’t fit within the round screen
D. Updating the watch crashes when the screen fades out
E. WIFI needed for most apps, but Bluetooth tethering does not work
F. Why do we need such a big camera?
G. How to accurately measure your steps when the battery is empty most of the time.
H. Pretty annoying when typing passwords.. could not enter ‘^’
I. Tried to control music on Spotify, failed also.
J. Installed Whatsapp version is outdated

Can these down points be overcome with the all its good points. We found the first two that annoying that not a single good point can overcome those. But there are some good points.

A. Screen touch sensitivity is very precise
B. Android 5.1
C. Waterproof IP67
D. Gorilla Glass
E. Heart rate monitor

Side Information

Some extra information for trying to overcome all other downsides.

Official Website

Zeblaze already made some pretty good introduction video’s on how to get started! You could find those on their facebook page.

A short video introduction/unboxing/installing of the sim card

Experience of Other Users

On the following forum you will find much information about other users and their experience with the Zeblaze Blitz. A bit weird but on the regular webshops this watch gets a 4/5 stars or more. Which is in our opinion only based on the specifications and features and not on the true usability.

Compare Imports Opinion

It’s clear. We got a smartwatch with great expectations and numerous features. But it comes down to one sentence.. the functions of the Zeblaze Blitz are NOT USER-FRIENDLY. You could find the Zeblaze Blitz over here.. But you probably want to look over here, for other smartwatches?

Still many thanks for the opportunity to review the Zeblaze Blitz by Gearbest, which have many other good deals!

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