Make your tasty signature burger with StufZ

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Everybody dreams about eating a big tasty burger with all the ingredients that they like the most! (except maybe vegetarians) This gadget makes it possible to make a tasty stuffed burger yourself in just a few easy steps. “Your signature burger” like Stufz states. Now you can make the best burger in town yourself!

The StufZ device comes with a two sides English manual with a brief description on how to stuff your hamburger. You just might want to skip the manual since the usage is pretty straightforward.
Stufz Burger Maker Banggood Stufz Burger Maker Banggood– Create your signature recipe and buy your ingredients.
– Make sure to cook your ingredients before stuffing.
– Use plenty of minced meat and place it into Stufz bottom part and press the handle down
– Fill your favorite toppings in the created cavity
– Use enough minced meat again and place it on the top and close the Stufz
– Eject the burger. You will be surprised how thick the burger is!
– Grill your burger ( TIP: Place the breakdown cover on your frying pan to ensure good cooking)
– If you are a pro quickly flame your burger!

Stufz Burger Maker Banggood

Stufz burger maker step 3Take a seat and ENJOY THIS TASTE SENSATION!!!

Afterwards, the StufZ maker can be placed in the dishwasher.

The funny thing is that the manufacturer found out that most people were too cautious not to overstuff their burgers the first time. This was true for us the first time as well. The second burger was easier since the surface was already slightly oiled and we used enough minced meat.

StufZ hamburger maker is distributed by Idea Village and has a patent pending. If you still have questions you can ask them to the or check additional food safety guidelines at

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