Xiaoyi Yi Smart Dash Camera – Review

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The Xiaoyi Yi Dash Cam, once a while we test a Car DVR from China. This time we got the stylish Yi Dash Cam from Xiaoyi. In an earlier review we showed the Chupad D501. A less famous brand wich was a bit cheaper. How well does this model perform? And what are the special features? We are enthusiastic about the Smart features; maybe you also like these.

Xiaoyi in relation to Xiaomi?

You will often find those two names beside each other, or variously. Are they the same? No, they are certainly not. But it looks like many people doubting how they are related to each other.

The main relation between Xiaoyi and Xiaomi is shares. Xiaomi got equity in the manufacturer Xiaoyi. Xiaoyi is an independent company also known as yitechnology (Offical website: https://www.yitechnology.com/). They create mirrorless digital camera’s, drones, action cameras, home cameras and one dash cam “The Xiaoyi Yi Dash Cam”.

Because Xiaomi often sells branded products they sometimes call the particular product names with Xiaomi as the label. However, if those organizations are large enough by themselves they, of course, sell their products under their brand name. Which was/is the case in this Dash Cam Yi situation.


How to Find the Right Xiaoyi Dash Cam? What are the differences?

It starts with different kind of product groups; you will find IP cams, action cams and dash cams all called the following “Yi.” That together with the brands Xiaomi and Xiaoyi makes everything very unclear.

We will try to explain the main differences and help you with finding the right one. There are mainly three different types out there:

  • Xiaomi Yi Dash cam
  • Xiaoyi Yi Dash Cam – 1080p
  • Xiaoyi Yi Dash Cam – 1296p

Be careful which you buy. Because sometimes the name of the product will be different according to the specifications. So in those cases, you will probably get an older/different version. Beneath we named the main difference so you can recognize if you are going to buy the right version. Because you can’t see any difference by the looks.

Xiaomi Yi Dash cam – 1080p

  • 130 Degree
  • 1080p
  • Often only available with a Chinese Interface
  • Color: Black

Xiaoyi Yi Dash Cam – 1080p

The older version, same as the version above only with their own brand in front and a different color.

  • 130 Degree
  • 1080p
  • Emergency Recording
  • Color: Gray or Gold

Xiaoyi Yi Dash Cam – 1296p (international version)

The version we tested and the newest one at the moment. Only This version has the ADAS functions.

  • 165 Degree Wide Lens
  • 1296p Possible
  • ADAS (Smart Driving System)
  • English
  • Color: Gray or Gold

So look for the 165 Degrees, ADAS, and 1296p. If those are in the specifications, you have the newest model. Don’t trust the product titles. Those are often wrong!


Xiaoyi Yi – Package

The package is exhaustive. You will get, the Xiaoyi Yi Dash cam, a very long USB to mircoUSB power and data cable, a suction mount to install the camera swiftly and cautiously inside your car, and a cigarette USB charger for charging the dash cam within the car.

In the package, you will find everything you need to get started. Only the SD card is not included, but the cam is capable for TF 64GB cards.

Xiaoyi Yi – Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Xiaoyi
  • Model: Xiaoyi Yi Dashcam
  • Color: Gray or Gold
  • Screen: 2.7 inch, LCD, 426 x 240
  • Lens: Wide-angle 165 degree wide angle lens
  • Aperture Range : F / 1.8
  • Video Resolution: It offers you the Super HD which is 2K (1296p 2304×1296) at 30fps or 1080p recording at 60 fps / 30fps.
  • Decode Format: H.264
  • Image Resolution: 3M (2048 x 1536)
  • Weight: 74 g
  • Product size (L x W x H): 7.40 x 1.94 x 5.24 cm / 2.91 x 0.76 x 2.06 inches
  • Standby time: 280 hours
  • Talk time: 7 hours
  • Battery: Just 240 mAh


Xiaoyi Yi – App

At first apprehension, the app looks pretty slick. When you open the app, you will find a screen with six main subjects. Like, tutorials and unboxing but also funny moments and beautiful scenes. The latter two are just fun to watch.

Beneath the settings button, you will find a kind of information about the installation, connection, SD card, power, and updates. A very useful resource which probably answers all your questions. The primary function of the app is controlling the camera and the settings. Some extra features are the speedometer, and the distance traveled.

Connecting is rather easy, just click on connect. If the WIFI signal on the dash cam is on it will be a matter of seconds to connect. Now you can entirely function the camera. Changing settings, start recording or taking pictures.

Xiaoyi Yi – Interface

The dash cam works quite obvious with only four main buttons. You can simply change your settings and scroll through the menu. So with a few clicks changing the resolution, format the SD card or turn on the ADAS function.

Xiaoyi Yi – Options

The smart car DVR got some exciting features which are not regularly available. Such as the emergency recording feature. The 6-axis sensor detects jerky motions like hard breaking or even an accident. When the dash cam recognizes heavy shocks through its collision sensitivity sensor, the camera will then take a picture and a 20 seconds video.

Next to the sensitivity sensor the Xiaoyi Yi has an ADAS smart driving function.

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System)

To let the ADAS system work properly you will have to install and mount the dashcam correctly. It will calibrate itself; you will notice the red cross which ultimately becomes blue. The ADAS system is then correctly installed.


Lane Departure Warning

This function will give a signal when the vehicle does not keep the lane. The car DVR can cover three lanes because of its 165-degree angle lens. Rhe system will only warn the driver.

Forward Sensing

Distance detection function. This system will warn you when the vehicle in front will be to close. A useful feature when driving long distances or when in a traffic jam.

Upsides Downsides
  • Design
  • Price (Affordable)
  • Holder
  • Complete Package
  • Good Night Vision
  • Not Discreet
  • Steadiness

Xiaoyi Yi Worth to Buy?

This dash cam is certainly worth to buy. The wide angle lens works great together with the ADAS system. Night videos are ok, and the mount is easy to install and adjustable. The complete package which includes a very long charge cable, cigarette adapter and more than enough available information within the app and on their official web page. There is just one disadvantage, and that is the unclarity about the available product types, labels, and brands.

Some nice reads to be certain if you want the Xiaomi Yi Dashcam:
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Because the many wrong product titles and specifications, it will probably help if you search for different keywords. Like: Dash, Cam, Xiaomi, DVR, Xiaoyi, Yi, Smart. Or just click the button beneath for getting to the right model immediately.

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