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A handheld water quality checker made by the well known Xiaomi. The TDS tester can be used to verify the total dissolved solids in the water. You can ask why should I buy this device when I know that my drinking water quality is high? Well, we don’t have an answer to it but when you are living in a developing country where water has to be treated you can use this device to check the quality of the water. Or when you are traveling and want to know the quality of the water of the Ganges in India or when you a just a curious person of course. Anyway, this device works like a charm despite the fact that the standard manual is in Chinese.

Xiaomi Water Quality Tester – First Impression and Usage

The water tester was delivered in a well-maintained parcel by post to the indicated address in the Netherlands. When unpacking, it was noticed that there was much attention to the proper packaging of the water tester. Remarkably, all the text on the packaging is written in the Chinese language except a few numbers. One can still expect at least that, in exporting products from China, an English manual is included. After “googling” on the Internet finally, an English-language manual was found on the Xiaomi Mi website. You can download the manual through the following link

Xiaomi Water Quality Tester – User Review

The Water Quality Tester is very easy to use and has a good design. The display on which the TDS value is displayed (in PPM) is legible. In the English-language manual, it clearly indicates where the probes are located and where the battery compartment.

1. Remove the cap of electrodes cell, press the power button, fill cap by water to 2/3.
2. Insert the tester electrodes into the cap, gently shake it to water to reduce air bubbles.
3. Wait for about 3 seconds, and the display will show a value that represents the level of water quality

TDS Xiaomi Quality Tester

Xiaomi TDS_device

TDS Xiaomi Quality Tester

Test on different types of water was done with the results as indicated below.


Seawater Tap water (different villages) Fish tank water Rainwater Boiled Water Bottled water
> 1000 ppm between 160 and 259 ppm < 100 ppm < 75 ppm < 20 ppm < 10 ppm


TDS contamination values in the manual
Low Level | 0-50
Relatively low level | 50-100
Lower Level | 101-300
Higher level | 301-600
Relative high level | 600-1000
Dirty water | 1000+

TDS Xiaomi Quality

Xiaomi Water Quality Tester – Advice

In contrast to what is stated in the English-language manual, there is no possibility (yet) discovered to store the measured values via a “Hold Function”. In general the Water Quality Tester meets the expectations both performance as well as the price.
Please note the following advice when using the Xiaomi Quality
1. Avoid direct sunlight or rain on the device, do not leave it in places with high temperature and high humidity.
2. Do not drop the device to prevent breakage.
3. Do not immerse the device in water to prevent breakage.
4. Do not disassemble, repair, or modify the structure of the device yourself.
5. Do not play or children to swallow the device or its packaging.
6. For the purpose of your safety, do not dispose of batteries in fire.
7. Insufficient batteries capacity affects the quality of his functions and the accuracy of measurements, so change batteries in time.
8. This device can not be used to measure the quality of water warmer than 80 ° C.
9. This device can not accurately determine the quality of flowing water (which is not stored in any capacitance).

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