Xiaomi Piston V2 Earphones Review

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The second version of the original Xiaomi Piston in-ear headphones arrived with the postman a few weeks ago. Which gave me ample time to review their sound quality, build and usage.

You can buy the new Xiaomi pistons either in a black and gold color or in white. I personally bought the white version but think that the black and gold ones look kind of sexy as well (having buyers remorse already – just kidding!).

xiaomi new earphones

xiaomi new earphones

The pistons come in a nice small case which holds the ear buds plus a few different sizes of earplugs. The case is wrapped in a paper wrapper with some extra information which was mostly in Chinese, i.e. unreadable for me — but who ever reads the manual anyway ;). Around it all Banggood, the shop at which I placed my order, put some extra protective packaging to make sure my Xiaomi earphones would arrive safely.

I have used them in combination with a OnePlus One and the in-line remote and mic, positioned on the cord, have worked great with it. Of course these will also work together with your Xiaomi phone and most likely with most other brands of android smartphones as well — although we strongly urge you to google on compatibility with your specific cell phone before making your purchase, to prevent a disappointment afterwards. The remote has three buttons which let you, depending how long or fast you press them, take a call, pause a song, pump up the volume or skip to the next song.

The sound quality of the earphones is really good and more than satisfy my ears. I must admit I’m no audiophile though, however many people on the internet claim that these in-ear headphones provide the same sound quality as most of the 100$ price range earphones you buy in the (brick and mortar) stores in the EU or the US. While these little bad boys only cost you $20-$25. It has a rich deep bass, covers a good frequency range and the treble is clear and smooth. Providing an overall well-balanced sound experience.

The microphone is build in the remote section and is of decent enough quality to make phone calls but it is nothing special either. They include a metal clip which you can use to attach the mic on your shirt to keep it close enough to your face to ensure that the person on the other end of the ‘line’ is able to hear you loud and clear.

The overall build of the device is really good. It is beautifully designed, giving it a high-end luxurious look. The cord also feels really sturdy and give you the feeling that they will be able to endure quite a bit. Mind you that I haven’t put that fully to the test yet, as of today they haven’t been stuck in a zipper or something like that. But at least they are pretty on the eyes and nice to hold.

Overall the price to quality ratio is very high and I can really recommend them to anyone looking for a high quality in-ear headphone at a reasonable price.

You can buy the pistons at banggood or dealextreme for roughly 24 dollar with free shipment to most countries around the world!

Photos of unpacking my Xiaomi earphones (bought at banggood):

unpacking xiaomi piston v2

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  • Good to read an other review about the piston. Going to use them during running. Will they stay in your ear?

    What is the cable length?

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