Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2 Review

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We tested the new Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2, the just updated successor for the version 1. Setting weight and health goals are easier and more fun with smart scales. However, many of them are pretty expensive. Today we review and test the Xiaomi Mi Scale 2 which is far cheaper than comparable competitors. Does it stand up with all his features?

Good or Bad?

The Xiaomi Fat Scale 2 has certainly a good value to price ratio, the price is great compared to his competitors and capabilities. The body scale is accurate and delivers the results with speed. Next, to that, you will get a nice App to store and view your results. Read further down for more info, but we are enthusiastic!

Upsides Downsides
  • Mi Fit App
  • Great Price (2/3 Times Cheaper)
  • Size
  • Fast Measurement
  • Only Send Data When App is Open
  • Fat Level Seems to High?

What Did We Get? The Package

The package is Xiaomi like. It is clinical white and minimalistic. We only found the scale itself in the package, with a small instruction book. The batteries are taken off because of shipping issues. So you will have to buy those separately (4x AAA).



Why Do We Need a Smart Scale?

Smart Scales provide besides the normal weight also other interesting metrics. That together with the integration of an app for your smartphone makes is easy to track your history over time. Besides that, the smart scales “know” you as a person. Therefore, it is possible to track multiple people without any problem.

These additional metrics are interesting when we are looking at motivation. Tracking your weight is motivational if you want to lose some. With a smart scale, you can track multiple metrics and compare your results. This is in our opinion the major factor which makes these smart scales so enjoyable.

In the case of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Fat Scale 2 it is possible to combine different metrics in one app. I also use the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Fitness tracker. But it is also feasible to add the Xiaomi Smart Shoes/Sneakers and their smartwatch.

In this way you can track your movement, sleep, and weight.

What Can You Measure?

The Xiaomi Scale 2 measures multiple interesting values. At first, you have to fill in some data about you. Your length, age, and gender.
That is because the results are interpreted differntly in all these case. As example, a women need far less muscles to have a healthy amount according to a man.

  • Your Weight
  • Body Fat Ratio
  • Percentage of Water
  • Muscle Balance
  • Fat Around Organs (Fisceral Fat Level)
  • Basal Metabolism
  • Bone Mass

In the end, the Mi Fit App represents these data into a total body score (0/100). And will give you insights in which parts are needed to improve. Of course, you can see in-depth information for all of those features.


How Smart Scales Measure?

Let me first start with the fact, that these smart scales (also the more expensive ones) do not use scientifically proven methods. If you want to know these particular values, you have to see a specialist. But according to us, the main feature and goals are not the preciseness. But, to track your results over a longer period.

The scales will send multiple small electric shocks through your body (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) Method, Wikipedia Source). According to the time, it takes to reach from one end of the body (left foot) to the other end (right foot) they will resolve outcomes. Because fat, muscles, and water all have different electrical conduciveness.

Why Should You Consider the Xiaomi Scale 2?

There are a few good reasons to switch your old regular scale with a smart one. And according to our experience, the Xiaomi Scale 2 is worth to consider. As always is looks good, plain white. It is just as big as a typical weighting scale. The measurement is easy and fast. And the App works like a charm.


The design is simple and clean, it is just 14.75mm thick. You will get a thin white scale with four gray circles on it (these are the stainless steel electrodes). The display is hidden and will only light up when you use the weight scale. A bottom cushion for a secure grip with the floor.





  • Support Android 4.4 / iOS 8.0 and the higher version
  • Support Bluetooth 4.0
  • Weighing range: 5 – 150kg
  • Unit of weight: jin / kg / lb
  • Scale diversion valve: 50g
  • Material: ABS
  • Operating temperature: 0 – 40 Deg.C
  • It is just 14.75mm Thick
  • Upload data in Real-time
  • Hidden LED Display
  • Advanced BIA Technology
  • 304L Stainless Steel Electrode
  • Match with Xiaomi Mi Fit APP/li>


Mi Fit App

Setting up the app is easy (if not? A how to connect with the Mi Fit App from Geabest). However, you need a Xiaomi account. You can find a troubleshoot page on Gearbest if you have some problems.

Beneath a few pictures from the user interface of the app and the options. Don’t worry the scores are just mine… (changed my eat and exercise habit immediately, so obviously the app does it’s job 😉 )

Xiaomi Scale Mi Fit - History Graph
Xiaomi Scale Mi Fit - Thick Set
Xiaomi Scale Mi Fit - Body Score
Xiaomi Scale Mi Fit - Overview
Xiaomi Scale Mi Fit - Weight

Xiaomi Body Scale 2 – Difference Version 1 and Version 2

Be carefull, many shops still sell the Old (version 1) also. You can easily see the difference because of the grey stainless steel circle electrodes in every corner. This is a feature which belongs to version 2.

Xiaomi Scale 2 – Extra Information Links

Because more information and reviews are always good to read or see. A small list with stuff we like to share to you.

Gearbest Promo Video
User Review Video
Super Good Explanatory Smart Weight Scale Comparison (MUST SEE!)
Another User Review From a Chinese Gadget Expert

So in conclusion, it is clear for us. Are you looking for a Smart Scale? Just get the Xiaomi Smart Body Scale 2, without debate. If you care about the best price, look at our China shop search engine to find the best price for the moment. Hit the button below, and we will do the work.

Happy measuring! Leave a comment about your weight? Or just help your China shop mates with tips or questions.

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  • Small Update from my side. Getting track of your weight and body score is certainly working! My weight improved to 86k (3kg less) and my body score is now 57. It is not going fast, but the xiaomi scale cannot do anything about that one 😉

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