Xiaomi Mi Regular Backpack – Review

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Xiaomi is mostly known about their smartphones and other electronics like the tablets, laptops and fitness trackers. But they are not sitting still and introduce new products to their brand regularly. And lately this is not only electronica, but also homeware, lifestyle, clothing and bags. Are those other products also as great?

Xiaomi Mi Backpack – First Impression

Gearbest let us review their Xiaomi Mi Backpack – College Style. A regular backpack for a real good price. But what is the quality? Our first impression was appealing and the bag certainly did not look cheap.

If you like Xiaomi and looking for a casual good looking backpack. You need to try this one.

Xiaomi Mi Backpack – Specifications

  • Brand: XiaoMi
  • Backpack
  • Material: Polyester
  • For: Casual
  • Features: Laptop Bag, Ultra Light, Water Resistance
  • Capacity: 21 – 30L
  • Bag Capacity: 22L, 14inch laptop
  • Color: Black, Deep Blue
  • Backstrap: Adjustable from 45 – 75cm
Upsides Downsides
  • Good Looking
  • Zipper and Handle are Solid
  • Multiple Compartments
  • Fabric Feels Thinly
  • Laptop Compartment for just 14 inch

Xiaomi Mi Backpack – Design/Looks

The backpack looks like any other regular school backpacks, but that’s great. This version is has a deep blue front and black backside with some nut-brown touches for the zippers, handgrip, and the small Xiaomi MI logo. From the inside the bag is light-grey. It has two compartments, the main one with a laptop strap and the smaller front one for additional stuff. There are no other pockets, zippers or sacks. Therefore, it’s useful for college books and other simple stuff. But using it as a sport or travel/adventure backpack is somewhat overdone.





Xiaomi Mi Backpack – Material

The bag is made from 100% polyester and feels solid. The back straps are black and are adjustable from 45cm to 75cm. Which is still a bit small if you are larger than average (1.85m male). The zipper and the handgrip are covered with some leather looking material. But they are certainly not leather, which is not to expect for the selling price.

Do We Like the Xiaomi Mi Backpack?

Yes, we certainly like it. If we buy something from China we always looking for the value for money aspect. Most of the time it’s cheap(er) but we don’t want the crappy stuff. The The Xiaomi Mi Backpack Casual is a product which is great value for money. The bag is attractive and it certainly is not junk. Of course, for this price, you can’t expect everything, but for a casual school/college/work backpack you should stop looking and buy a bag from this “new” China sensation, Xiaomi.

Over here you can find their official website. Go directly to Gearbest or Dealsmachine which provided the backpack to test and review.

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