Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Review

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Wearables are much more common these days, together with the growth of living a healthier lifestyle. Fitbit is probably one of the largest brands, but there are more. Xiaomi is the wearable brand from China and the Mi Band 1 was certainly a success. One of the main reasons was the pricing. The Mi Band 2 (official site) is twice as expensive as his earlier brother but still reasonably priced compared to the ‘main’ western brands. So let’s take a look!

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Package2_

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Display

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Package1

Pro’s and Con’s

Upsides Downsides
  • Definitely Waterproof
  • Tracker Seems Accurate
  • Smart Unlock Feature
  • Also fits small woman arms
  • App looks good and works well
  • Bluetooth syncing is fine
  • The heart rate monitor is worthless
  • Screen not readable in the sun
  • Cannot track ‘all’ activities, like swimming or bicycling.

Mi Band 2 – Display

Mi Band 2 – App

The look and feel of the app are nice and do not feel like a Chinese app. It is comparable with the looks from the FitBit app. Navigating is simple and you can directly view your daily results. Besides the latter, it’s easy to maintain some extra features, like alarms or notifications.

Mi Band 2 – Specifications

Display:   .42-inch OLED display
Bluetooth version:   V4.0
Heart rate monitor:   Yes, optical heart rate sensor
Sleep tracking:   Yes
Water resistance:   Yes, IP67
GPS:   No
Battery life:   Standby, 20 days
Battery:   70mAh, lithium polymer
Compatibility:   Android 4.4 + / iOS 7.0 +
Weight:   7g

Mi Band 2 – Tracking Activity

How well does the Mi Band 2 track our activity? It did quite well, we tested the tracker against the Fitbit Flex and another phone tracking app. After a 10km walk, the difference was less than 1km. The Fitbit was most of the time more enthusiastic tracker about the total amount of steps.

Mi Band 2 – Sleep Tracker

The sleep tracker is one of the nicest and best working features. The app recognizes your deep or light sleep and awake time. Besides the tracker it also support vibrating alarms, so you can wake up with a delicate alarm.

Mi Band 2 – Extra Features

The Mi Band 2 got some excellent extra features which work great. One of them is the earlier mentioned alarm feature, the band will vibrate when to wake up. Or smart-unlock your phone with the Bluetooth connection, now you don’t have to unlock your phone if you carry the band. Others are notifications from self-determined apps and when you got called.

CI Experience & Conclusion

We tested the app with an Android phone. We were very pleased with the overall result . The band is robust, certainly waterproof (every day in the sea), good Bluetooth connection and fluent syncing with the MI app. This Fitness Tracker is more expensive than the I5 Plus but certainly a better buy.

Charging takes about 2.5 hours from 0% to 100% and the band stays easily on for two weeks with normal use. There is actually one major downfall, the heart rate monitor. It’s useless when you need it, like running or bicycling. So do not buy this tracker to keep track of your heart rate. Where to Buy the Xiaomi Mi Band 2?

Prices are at the time of writing, they can differ.

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