Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker Review

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Recently, I was searching for a sound system that I could connect to my mobile phone via Bluetooth. I’ve had many stereos in my life, including a boom box and a very nice home theater system for my television. But one thing I didn’t have was a speaker to allow me to hear music I play from my cell phone.

My phone is the cheapest one you can get from Wal-Mart at around $40. Consequently, I expected the sound from this speaker to not be the best. Here is my review of the Xiaomi (Mi) Mini Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker:

Ordering/Receiving in the Mail

I ordered it at this website and scrolled to the bottom of the page where it says ‘Delivery’. This page notes that free shipping takes 15-25 days for you to receive the product.

After I placed the order, I received the speaker exactly 14 days later. I expected it to take about a week longer since I live on the other side of the world in the United States, so I was pleased with how quickly I received it.

It came packaged in a sturdy, cardboard box that kept it safe during transit and it was easy to open.


There are three buttons on the bottom of the speaker:

  • Play/power
  • Volume up (+)
  • Volume down (-)

I turned it on by pressing the play/power button and holding it down for about five seconds. It makes a cute little beep sound and flashes both blue and red lights. These continue to flash until it is connected.

To get my phone connected, I went to my Settings and went to the Wireless, then Bluetooth Settings. I turned that on and clicked on the ones that says ‘NDZ-03-GA’.

Quality and Sound

Once it is connected, the blue and red lights that flash change to just blue. It is a really cool visualization with the lights. The sound immediately is transmitted to the speaker and I could hear the music loud and clear. It sounded amazing, like something you would expect from a very expensive sound system!

I turned the volume up by pressing and holding the ‘+’ button until I got to my desired level of sound. It gets very loud. In fact, I can hear it in a room on the other side of my house! Surprisingly, even when the sound is blaring it is still clear.

I thoroughly enjoy listening to my music so much on this speaker that I no longer use my boom box! I play this everyday and show off when people come over. They all want one now of course.

Power off & Charge

To disconnect it, I held down the power button for a couple seconds, until it made the beep noise and was flashing blue and red. Then to turn the speaker off completely, I held down the power button again for a couple seconds.

To charge the speaker, I attached a USB cable to the rear port, and plugged the other end into a PC or wall charger. It has a red glow as long as it is charging, which will turn off as soon as charging has finished.


Brand Xiaomi
Color Black
Bluetooth Version 4.0
Frequency Range 2.4GHZ-2.48hz
Audio Protocol HFP/A2DP/AVRCP
Input DC 5V/1A
Working Time 12 hours, base on the volume
Operating Range 10m
Dimension 12.5CM*12.5CM*5CM
Gross Weight 0.250KG
Package List 1 x Speaker
1 x USB charging cable
1 x User manual
1 x Warranty card


As a very picky consumer, I can honestly say that you should get this product! This is the most compact speaker with the best sound I have seen yet. Even with my cheap phone, the sound was amazing and I don’t even have to suggest my friends and family to get one – they hear it playing and ask me “where can I get one?!” Click HERE to order one for yourself!

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