Xiaomi 70 Minutes Smart WiFi Car DVR – BLACK Review

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Gearbest sent us the Xiaomi 70Mai dashcam , an incredibly cheap FullHD dashcam with WIFi, shock sensor and Android / iOS app.
The 70Mai , a Dashcam intended for the Chinese market in particular, is currently being delivered in the Flashs by Gearbest for a sloppy € 33.16 . For that the dashcam is delivered in a very neat ‘Apple-like’ black hard cardboard packaging.


In the box you will find the following:


• Xiaomi 70Mai dashcam
• 3.5 meters long USB cable with a microUSB 90 ° angle plug
• Auto (12Volt) USB charger
• Electrostatic disc
• Chinese operating manual

The specifications of the dashcam are as follows:
• Video sensor: Sony IMX323
• Processor: Mstar MSC8328P
• Viewing angle: 130 ° wide angle
• Aperture: F2.2 Aperture / 4G Glass Lens
• Operation: LED Illuminated function key and reset.
• Voice control (currently only Chinese)
• Shock sensor: 3 Axis gravity sensor
• Sound: Built-in speaker and microphone
• Resolution: 1920 × 1080 30fps (FullHD with 30 frames per second)
• SD card reader: MicroSD (Support for 16GB-64GB class 10 , or higher)
• Connections: WiFi 2,4Ghz
• Battery: 240mAh lithium

As you can see no bad specifications for a dashcam of less than 35 euros! Especially the Sony IMX323 is not often found in a dashcam in such a low price range.


The design of the camera is practical and sleek. The small round housing is easy to place on the front and by adjusting the adjustable holder.



The 3.5 meter long cable is more than long enough to work neatly away under the sky and along the window.

On the camera there is an LED illuminated round function key. With this key you can, among other things, switch the WiFi connection on and off. The button illumination reports the status of the camera. This way you can quickly check whether the camera works correctly.


The viewing angle of the camera is about 130 degrees. Practically good for about 3 lanes.

The recording quality is a bit disappointing compared to the Mini 0805 and the 360 ​​J5111, but the cheapest of both costs at least one and a half times as much as this 70Mai . You get what you pay for;)


In daylight it is striking that some artifacts and distortions are visible through the fish eye effect. It is also noticeable that vibrations in the car are quickly transferred to the housing. This is most likely due to the somewhat thin attachment that is placed far from the middle, so the weight of the camera is not evenly distributed. However, the distortions are acceptable for a camera in this price range.


What is positive is the relatively good performance in the dark , mainly due to the SONY IMX323 image sensor that is known for its  high light sensitivity .


We have extensively tested the 70Mai for about 2 weeks in all possible weather conditions. Here some examples, uploaded directly from the camera to YouTube (choose the highest quality: 1080p)
Note that youtube video compression has a negative influence on image quality!



The English app is somewhat spartan. You can set the camera with it, watch video recordings (wireless) and download and you can take photos. That was about it.




The Xiaomi 70Mai with Wifi, App, Sony IMX323 image sensor and shock sensor is a very nice dashcam because of its extremely low price. The housing is solid, well-adjusted and sticks perfectly to the window. The app works very well.

There are also disadvantages: The camera does not support parking incident recording, the (day) image quality is a bit thin and no SD card is included. Actually all things that you can not expect in this price segment. ‘The camera’ also speaks Chinese. I personally do not feel that, because I would rather not hear anything at all. A dashcam is, as far as I’m concerned, a device that you have to install and forget.

All in all an excellent camera for the price. A very nice budget entry for the novice ‘dash cammert’;).

Xiaomi 70 Minutes Smart WiFi Car DVR / Dashcam
Voice Control / 1080P Full HD Camera with SONY IMX323 Image Sensor / 130 Degrees FOV / Loop-cycle


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