Xiaomi 33 inch TV Soundbar review

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Xiaomi Mi TV Speaker is an affordable soundbar with Bluetooth connectivity and a variety of inputs: TosLink optic, coaxial SPDIF, analog RCA, and analog with 3.5mm stereo jack. At the beginning of June 2018, it costs 79 dollars from Asian retailers, but the price is subject to discounts and promotions so I suggest you keep an eye on it for a few days before proceeding with the purchase.

Purchase that is recommended to those who want to improve the audio performance of a TV now entrusted only to the integrated system, as well as those looking for an elegant wireless soundbar to the point where you can stay in the living room.

Combined with a Bluetooth smartphone, the Xiaomi Mi TV Speaker (the product code is MDZ-27-DA) contributes to the diffusion of Spotify music, Apple Music, Google Music, Amazon Music. I used it to make the Nintendo Switch games immersive, to get more involved. On the other hand, it is not a product for demanding users; does not provide a remote control of the volume (read: no remote control ), does not support the apt-X protocol, and lacks several other requirements to deserve to be included in the chain of an aspiring purist (the most trivial: has no HDMI ports).

The Xiaomi soundbar measures 83 x 7.2 x 8.3 cm. It can be placed on a floor or mounted on the wall.

For me, on the contrary, it is an ideal addition.  The Xiaomi Mi TV Speaker allows me, in one fell swoop: to hurry up the TV stand: via the old amplifier and away the big boxes – beautiful stuff, but to be inserted in the right context; to add another source of audio distribution , another Bluetooth speaker to which I can send music – perhaps to be placed in a room that is not yet covered; to listen to films with a more dedicated timbre: the cinema effect or, in any case, a multi-channel system, due to the 4 + 4 loudspeakers of the soundbar, is the first difference that one feels; to increase involvement in video games.


The interior of Xiaomi Mi TV Speaker. There is plastic to protect the speakers, then finished with fabric.

Technical specifications Xiaomi Mi TV Speaker

  • Power: 28 watts / 14 W x2 @ 1kHz / THD <1%
  • Frequency response: 50 Hz – 25000 Hz (-10dB) / Impedance: 6 Ohm
  • 2x tweeter 20 mm / 2 2.5-inch woofer / 4 passive radiators
  • Wireless connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2 A2DP
  • Wired connectivity: TosLink optics, coaxial SPDIF, Line In RCA, Aux In jack
  • Controls: on / off, volume, Bluetooth, Aux In, Line In, SPDIF, Optics.
  • Dimensions: 830 x 72 x 87 mm / Weight 1925 gr / Power supply: 16V 2.5A

The sales package is the same shipping: a rectangle parallelepiped the size of the frame (just a little ‘of polystyrene to hold it) with a white coaxial cable inside, screw anchors, a manual in Chinese, and the power supply from 16V 2.5A. In my sample I did not find the adapter for the Italian plug, but you could be luckier. Just as I did not find the remote control to adjust the volume, but this is really the only functional bore to accept.

You find a way around it: I have connected the Mi TV Speaker to the headphone / line-out jack on my TV so that you can lower or raise the output volume from the remote and affect the soundbar. A poor solution, which loses the quality of the optical connection and SPDIF, but is a better compromise of having to get up from the sofa (or, worse, from the table) to adjust the volume.

Xiaomi Mi TV Speaker includes a white coaxial cable in the package.

Xiaomi Mi TV Speaker is made of plastic ; even under the front fabric there is plastic, and this is good news because it protects the speakers. But to speak of finishes, in this case, means checking the joints of the parts, the draft of the fabric, the presence of staves, scratches or less beautiful parts of others. Or make sure that the click of the upper buttons (to change the sound source), the stability of the rubber feet (there are three: two on the sides and one in the middle), the ease of reaching the rear on / off switch as expected.

Switching from one source to another is fast, even when using Bluetooth.

Fortunately, everything is installed properly: the Xiaomi soundbar is a cheap product, but you only realize it when you have to touch it. Xiaomi turns it to more than 30-inch TV installations; you can mount it on the wall because it has the screw inserts on the back. Here I would have preferred the feet not applied, or interlocking and not glued; it is in good taste to remove them when you do a wall mounting, and it may remain a bit ‘of glue on the frame.

And the sound? It is adequate. Although it is difficult to give a more objective judgment, especially when talking about products on which it is not worth investing in equipment that, alone, costs three times the device in question, I would like to reassure you about the “beautiful sound” that manages to get out . It vibrates thanks to the two 2.5-inch woofers , is clean with the two 20 mm tweeters and does not distort when you turn up the volume too much. In contrast, the stereo effect is necessarily reduced if you are in front (it is 87 cm wide) and the quality of Bluetooth 4.2 unmasked by the number of speakers present: I mean that if a cheap Bluetooth speaker can pump music hiding the limits of compression, here there is a far finer and therefore more faithful exit system.you feel better that you sound worse.

Final considerations

In conclusion, Xiaomi Mi TV Speaker is a recommended soundbar if you return to that band of users  that can take advantage of a device like that. It is not the 30 euro coin and not even the brand range base cut short by commercial strategies. The limit, I repeated it several times, is in remote control: it does not have a remote control, and it is not possible to raise or lower its volume at a distance; you have to invent something to change the sound at the source.

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But, for the rest, it has a swollen sound at the right point, a wireless reception of 10 meters real, and reconnects itself to the last associated device. Above all, she is comfortable in the living room because she knows how to hide herself in a light or wooden furniture thanks to the refined and minimal design. . The usual Xiaomi product of above-average quality , especially advantageous if you can import it without customs duties.

Xiaomi Mi TV Speaker: pros

Well-finished finishes and minimal design.

It can be installed on the wall or placed on a flat surface.

Real 10-meter Bluetooth reception, fast reconnection.

Deep bass thanks to passive, high clean radiators.

Xiaomi Mi TV Speaker: cons

It does not have a remote control.
It does not go on standby alone.

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