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In general, I’d recommend a gaming mouse for almost any task. They are ergonomic, have all the features one could wish for, and are in general very reliable too. However, for my job I spend a lot of time running around with my laptop, and that calls for a wireless mouse that just does the job, is cheap (because it may be lost, dropped, etc) and small enough to fit in my pocket. I found a mouse that fits all of these requirements on Tinydeal, 2.4GHz Wireless Optical Mouse ECAMS-394207, and tested it.


-Two mouse buttons + scroll wheel/third mouse button
-On/Off switch
-One AA battery
-Receiver can be stored inside mouse
-Auto Off function
-DPI button (three settings: 800DPI, 1000DPI, 1200DPI)

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Build Quality

The mouse is made of a shiny, hard plastic, and is very light. It is not well finished at all: One mouse button is a bit higher than the other, and the edges of the mouse buttons are a bit rough. The mouse does feel solid, however, it doesn’t feel like it will fall apart any time soon. The mouse is quite noisy: scrolling, clicking, etc all make a very distinct sound.

The receiver is very small, and can be stored in a slot in the bottom of the mouse. It will, however, still protrude about half a centimeter, as it does when inserted in a USB port.


This mouse was not designed with ergonomics in mind: It is quite flat, and a bit short if you have large hands. The advantage of this is that it is easy to take with you, but we do not recommend this mouse for intensive use.


The mouse can be switched on with the switch on the back. If not used for about half an hour it will turn itself off. Clicking, or turning the mouse off and on again will reactivate it. All buttons work well out of the box: no additional Windows or MAC drivers are needed.

The DPI button is a nice little addon, but it has two disadvantages: There is no indication of what setting the mouse is at, and pressing it cycles through the three different settings continuously, so when the largest setting is reached, and the button is pressed again, it jumps back to the smallest setting. This makes it a bit of a pain to find the right setting.


The range of the mouse is at least 8 meters. We tested it through a door and around a corner and both times it still responded well. When we took it to the next floor, however, apparently it lost its connection and turned itself off. But 8 meters for such a cheap mouse is quite impressive.


The mouse takes one AA battery. It has lasted for a week and a half so far, but has not been used intensively for longer periods of time, so all we can conclude here is that there is no excessive battery drain. The actual battery life is bound to vary greatly, depending on how much the mouse is used.


For a couple of dollars, you can’t really go wrong with this mouse. It does just what a mouse is supposed to do. However, depending on your home country, a similar mouse can probably be bought for about five dollars, so it’s up to you whether you want to save the few bucks and order this mouse from abroad, or buy one at your local computer store (which may well be made by the same company).
The 2.4GHz Wireless Optical Mouse ECAMS-394207 is available in six different colors.

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