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Winter is coming. It is getting colder and snow is falling in the mountains, you can enjoy it or you can hate it. People which hate snow will only need these: 2-in-1 4Teeth Antislip Spike Crampons Ice Chain NonSlip Outdoor Climbing Snow Shoe

For those who like skiing, snowboarding or other winter sports, compare imports has a lot to offer. First of all you need some clothing, take a look at these warm and waterproof jackets: Outdoor Waterproof Jacket Thick Windproof Hooded Hiking Coat or this NIVAL Outdoor Men Jackets windproof waterproof detachable two piece ski suit a jacket with a more groovy pattern. A jacket for girls/women Avery Mitt Genuine X limit female models padded ski suit and one with a more classic design Genuine Grit Gravel female models retro ski suit. Or some thermal underwear for a man: Nature hike Outdoor-Sports Thermal Underwear Suit Black Size-XXL

After all take a look at our Sports & Outdoor section and don’t forget some UV protective goggles. Skiing UV400 Protection Reflective Goggles More and more people want to get down the mountain safe and it’s getting easier to find good and well priced protection. The lightweight products as carbon fiber and HDPE helmets or wrist protection fit better and getting more comfortable. Take a look at Stylish Outdoor Sports EPS Skiing Helmet combined with a nice warm facemask like this Outdoor Fleece Balaclava Helmet Hat and you can ski with temperatures far below zero! If those products above are not enough, you could add some hip protection for full body protection Outdoor Skiing and Skating Hip Protector Pads Pants Size-XL

As you can see we have a great collection for all the things you definitely need when you go skiing. But Compare Imports also has something you don’t need but might want to have. You go skiing with a couple of friends or family. Not everybody wants to ski the same route but you all want to lunch together. Then it’s easy to communicate with walkie-talkie Interphone Handsfree Bluetooth for Skiing Helmet 2 Piece Set With these walkie talkies you can talk within a range of 500 meters!

When you want to make a short movie about your skiing trip or fun tricks its best to have these. DH300 Outdoor sport camera 720P DV waterproof helmet camera or these ORDRO Waterproof Portable 640×480 8GB 30MP Lithium Battery Helmet Camera It would be very cool to film you’re action from the air, that would make your movie far more attractive! But very expensive… not anymore! For less than $70 dollars you can buy a FeiLiTe H07NC 4CH 24GHz RC Camera A RC chopper with a 0,3MP camera (ok, quality isn’t high-end, but it will give a different perspective). The gyrocopter has an air time of 6/7 minutes, but the charging time is only one hour.

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