Voyo Mini PC Review

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In short the Voyo Mini PC is a slick mini high performance PC which can be used as a media center. Yes we highly recommend this product and would like to thank Geekbuying.com who gave us this opportunity to test the product!! You will get an untouched pre-installed Windows 8.1 Bing (including drivers) mini PC which can directly be used. If you want to turn it into a media center just install Kodi. It is just unbelievable that such a tiny device can be so powerful for a good price. Buying a desktop or laptop with the same specifications will at least cost you three times the price and than Windows isn’t included. CompareImports is really surprised by this high quality product and again would recommend it to everyone.

After the proposal of Geekbuying we got excited since reviews on the entire web where very positive. To be honest it was hard to believe that the Voyo would work since a device for that price sounded like a fairy-tale. For just $123,99 on Geekbuying you’ll get a mini PC which upgrades your TV Buy the Voyo Mini PC here. Or compare price from included website here.

Pro’s and Con’s

Upsides Downsides
  • 4K compatible (H.264 60FPS)
  • Standby
  • Windows 10
  • Quick
  • Slick design
  • Small
  • Nothing pre-installed
  • No LAN output
  • Micro-HDMI
  • No remote
  • Chinese manual
  • No Micro-HDMI included


Model VOYO Mini PC
Operating system Windows 8.1
Release date April 2014
CPU Intel Bay Trail-T CR Z3735F
GPU Intel Gen7 HD Graphic
Extend Storage Up To 128G
Audio Formats MP3, WMA, RA, OGG, WAV, APE, FLAC, AC3, DTS
Video Formats H.264, MPEG4/XVID, WMV/VC-1, MPEG2 MP, AVS, H.263 up to 50 Mbps; VP8 up to 30 Mbps , 4k: 3840 x 2160
Image Formats JPG, BMP, PNG
Wireless Connectivity 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0
Ethernet No
Interfaces 3 x USB 2.0; 1 x Micro USB for power supply, with OTG; 1 x Audio port;1 x Micro SD card slot
Size 126 x 126 x 12 mm
Weight 145 g

User Review

After unboxing the Voyo mini PC we noticed that a micro-HDMI cable was required. Lucky for us was that we had a spare micro-HDMI cable, but this already can be a unpleasant surprise if you expect a normal HDMI output. Since it’s operating system is Windows everybody can control this device after attaching a mouse and keyboard or off course the LOFREE MT-200. First thing that we tested was the browser and a YouTube full HD 1080p movie which already worked fluently. Since no LAN-output is available Wi-FI was used. After this Kodi (XBMC) was installed. In Kodi we played the well known short cartoon Big Buck Bunny in three different video formats from the internal storage (64GB). According to the specifications the Voyo supports; 4K*2K (2160p). The test included 1080p at 60fps and the 4K versions at 30fps and 60fps. Since the expectations where high the 4K 60fps format was firstly tested. And yes the video played smoothly and flawless as can be seen in the video below.

We don’t know how the did it but merging such specifications in such a small device makes you a high tech company. This media player easily played all videos format which makes this device future proof. Since the Windows OS programs like Spotify and Netflix can be used. Another benefit is that due to its PC functionality the Voyo Mini PC can be used in the way you want. For example as a media player,a desktop PC, remote PC, server or other functionality. The review did not looked into the possibilities of gaming, but the expectations are that simple games can be played.

Video Review

Brand Voyo

Voyo is a Chinese brand which is most people know about their tablets. If you already heard of them. They have about nine mid-range tablets within their product range. Most of those tablets are Windows 8 tablets, so obviously that’s their main focus. They have a strong collaboration relationship with Samsung and Toshiba, from that perspective we could expect some quality from them. But besides this thin information there is nothing more to tell.
Link official Voyo website

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  • Yes it can run on a 64bit windows operating system and come with a standard warranty of a year.
    It now runs smoothly windows 10

  • Can it run 64 Bit windows operating system

  • Does it contain warranty? If it does for how much month?

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