Virtual Laser Projection Keyboard (update 28-08-2014)

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Banggood announced a new revolutionary gadget for the mobile worker, gadget lovers.

This Virtual Laser Projection Keyboard in combination with a smartphone, tablet makes every table a good office.

The virtual keyboard The keyboard is projected on a table or other flat surface. The small projector has a bluetooth connection with the (smart)phone or tablet. So everything is wireless.

how does it work

Bluetooth Version: 2.0 with HID Profile Version 1.0
Keyboard Light Source: Red Laser Diode
Projection Size: 241mm x 101mm
Projected Keyboard Location: 97.9mm from Keyboard Device
Keystroke Sound: Built in Buzzer (Mute Possible)
Visibility: Contrast up to 1800 LUX
Power Source: Built in Battery, 700mAh
Software: Windows XP/vista/7/ 8, IOS(Iphone 4/5s/5c/Ipad), Android 3.1 and Up, MACOSX
Dimensions: 80x40x20mm (L x W x D)
Product weight: 54g

Real pictureWe wonder if it works, if is accurate enough … so we hope w’ll be able to test one soon! Then we also try too connect it trough usb with a android tv box/mediaplayer.

Maybe its good to take a look at the cases en holders at compare imports so you can put up your phone or tablet. Then it will be more easy to read.


How to pair your keyboard with your phone or tablet you can find here.

DX made the laser projection keybord a daily deal. It made other merchants drop their prices. So check our comparision Projected laser keyboard for lowest price.






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