Upcoming RC-Car Race

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Compareimports organized a race for RC-cars, we got four cars delivered on the 23th of November. The idea is to film in four areas, a skatepark for a race, a half pipe for making jumps and tricks, the beach for handeling and some wicked free riding and some fun indoor driving.

In order to give you a nice camera angle we filmed inches from the ground. We used one SJ4000 on one of the cars, another look a like chinese Go Pro, three cameras (two on a tripod) and some smartphones. At the time of writing we are still editing on the final version. The race review will be available at 10 December, in this manner you’ll be able to buy one yourself for coming holiday. Watch the short trailer for more information. We just started your engine!

Last but not least we want to thank several China shops for helping us with the Race:

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