Umidigi S2 Lite Review

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Curious if the Umidigi S2 Lite is a good choice to buy? You can find it in the Chinese stores for around $150 dollar. But for that price, you will get a decent size, powerful, and relatively affordable phone. Read the review to find out why!

Umidigi a China Brand

When it comes to great customer experience and delicate but innovative smartphones, then UMI is the name that lightens up the mind of users. The company is selling smartphones in 20 countries over the globe, and licensed shops and stores like Amazon and eBay ensure credible delivery and secure payment. The main office of the company is located in China, but the outlandish design and features of its smartphones have caught the attention of users across the earth. For more information and all the Umi products

What Did We Get? The Package Unboxing

Strenght and Weaknesses

Upsides Downsides
  • Battery (5100 Mah)
  • Average Camera
  • Build Quality
  • Type C USB
  • No HDR
  • Fake Dual Camera
  • No Headphone Port

How Does It Look?

The Umi S2 Lite is constructed using aluminium with a beautiful mat. The feel of the phone is comfortable, hefty and it feels delightful in your hand. The bezels on the side are minimal and aren’t noticeable.

The antenna lines are practically hidden at the bottom making the phone look very clean and professional. The overall profile of this phone is pretty slim, much like an S8 or an iPhone.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor umidigi s2 lite

Turning to the back, we have our two cameras, a flash, and a fingerprint sensor.

We have the Power and volume buttons on the right, while on the left there’s the sim card and micro sd card slot. On the bottom, you will find the speaker, microphone, and USB Type C to charge the phone.

This phone doesn’t have a headphone port, but they do include a headphone port adapter, so they are polite about it. The screen seems to be raised above the main body giving it a hard edge. This issue is fixed by using the included case or your own.

Aesthetics – The Umi S2 Lite Screen

It’s a 5.99-inch screen with a resolution of 1440 x 720 pixels giving it a PPI of 268 (Pixel Per Inch). I love what they did with the 18.5 by nine aspect ratio, It’s quite lovely to look at and makes the phone screen looks more prominent but not more full at the same time.

Unfortunately, that has its drawbacks; sometimes you will get black bars on the side during your content. I didn’t even notice them until I am starting looking for defects. Lucky for us, Android is well equipped and will automatically scale all apps to this new aspect ratio.


This screen still uses IPS (in-plane switching)  and being honest it looks brilliant, the low-resolution isn’t noticeable. It’s a good bright screen with balanced colours, so oversaturation and oversharpening aren’t an issue at all. The viewing angles are excellent. The screen gets very bright making the screen viewable outdoors.

The screen has rounded corners, making it look even better. Slow and precise touches are no issue for the digitizer, and the screen reactiveness is superb.

Software Performance

The android performance is excellent. It’s smooth, clean and runs just like a flagship, apps load quite quickly. Its running android seven so we are pretty much up to date.

It’s also a clean install of Android, with no bloatware nor Chinese crap.

I’ve tested this phone with the latest update of every app, and I’ve had a strange glitch where if open a notification using Face ID the System UI crashes and the phone start glitching like crazy. Best to avoid Face ID as it is not safe. Someone could take a picture of you, and they could get into your phone.


Let’s talk about what’s under the hood.

We have a 1.5GHz, Octa-Core (4 Cores run at 1.5ghz while the rest run at 1Ghz) MTK6750T processor and 4GB of ram.  A great combination with
the GPU is a Mali-T860 MP2.

UMIDIGI S2 Lite 4G Phablet 5.99 inch Android 7.0 MTK6750T Octa Core 1.5GHz 4GB RAM 32GB ROM 5100mAh Battery 16.0MP + 5.0MP Dual Rear Cameras Fingerprint Recognition Type-C Dual Flashlights

It performs decently. All of my games ran fine; even 3D massive games held up. I’ve had some decent fun with Asphalt 8.

Unfortunately, benchmarks aren’t its strength with the phone only getting a score of 55216 on Antutu and 613 on single core performance. But this phone does have a significant edge on multicore performance as it has eight cores. This phone got 2632 in multicore beating the Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6 AND the OnePlus One.


Onto the camera. It’s good. Photos come out vibrant and full of colours. Detail is captured very well. Combine this with 16 MegaPixels; we get some high-quality pictures.

Low Light situations are not ideal. From my testing, I wasn’t able to get any kind pictures, and no HDR support didn’t help either. While taking an image/video, it will give you the impression of a crap photo as the resolution can’t handle 16 Megapixels so that it will look hugely oversharpened.

Once you take a phone, the sharpening will magically be gone, and the image will look beautiful. I had fun taking photos of my cat, and when I pushed it trying to capture the cat’s fur, it held up with the detail. So camera performance is pretty good.

UMIDIGI S2 Lite 4G Phablet 5.99 inch Android 7.0 MTK6750T Octa Core 1.5GHz 4GB RAM 32GB ROM 5100mAh Battery 16.0MP + 5.0MP Dual Rear Cameras Fingerprint Recognition Type-C Dual Flashlights

Video playback is fine. 1080p content ran fine even at 60 fps but bumping up the video resolution became more and more jittery. So it will do the job for movies, but UHD/4K is a big no-no.

Battery and Connection

Battery life is as good as they promoted it to be. I was able to get to the end of the day with roughly 30 – 45% of battery life remaining. I did use the phone slowly as I did play games, like Asphalt 8 and streamed a lot of music. Long gone the days, I would say “I’m on 40% I need a battery bank”.

Bluetooth, 4G, and WIFI all worked Splendid. I’ve practically had 4G regularly, barely lost any Bluetooth connections. Mind you, 4G will vary especially in different geographical locations such as in the mountains, or undersea.

This phone also has a Gravity Sensor, a Gyroscope (usually removed to cut costs) and a Proximity Sensor, so VR is possible. It also has a Micro Sd card slot for extra storage. You will need a Nano Sim Card.

Umidigi S2 Lite Extra Information

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Worth to Buy the Umdigi S2 Lite?

So final thoughts? I quite like this phone, it has a clean Android experience, and the hardware it hosts is reasonably priced. Onto price, I think it’s worth it as long as you don’t depend too much on the camera. It will get the job done, but don’t expect pixel performance. Overall amazed merely at what Umidigi was able to provide for 150 USD dollars.

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  • Does it support nfc functions

  • Does the umidigi s2 lite support wireless charging

    • No unfortunately not.

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