Trash or Treasure E04 – Blitzwolf 25mm Macro Lens for Smartphones

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The Blitzwolf 25mm Macro Lens is created for creating beautiful close-up pictures of small objects. It is actually a magnifier for your smartphone camera. In the video, we demonstrate the difference with and without the BS-LS2 and the difference in pictures.

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Is the BlitzWolf 25mm Macro Lens Trash or Treasure?

The product is only necessary and fun for a really specific target audience. But it was enjoyable to take pictures from small detailed objects, like a flower. It worked like a charm on the Android smartphone. Is does what it needs to do, but is it Trash or Treasure?


Features According BlitzWolf

1. The BW-LS2 15X is a smartphone macro lens which can continuously autofocus and alter focal length from 20-50mm.
2. 4K ready high refractive index Schott HD glass gives your picture accurate color reproduction.
3. The multi-layer anti-reflective coating enhances light transmittance, reduces lens refraction and minimizes image ghosting.
4. A two element lens reduces distortion and ensures an even sharpness. Both the center and surrounding area of the picture are apparent.
5. The firm metal clip has a soft rubber lining that guarantees a scratch free attachment to your phone.
6. Broad compatibility: The universal clip-on Lens fits instantly onto most smartphones and tablets.
7. Small and light: Weighing only 20g You can easily carry the LS2 lens anywhere you go.



  • Model: BW-LS2
  • Type: 15X Macro Lens
  • Material: Aluminum-magnesium alloy
  • Coating Layers: Double-side 14 layers coated
  • Tip Diameter: φ35mm
  • Thread diameter: φ17mm



  • 1 x BlitzWolf® BW-LS2 15X Macro Lens
  • 1 x Clip
  • 1 x Lens cleaning cloth
  • 1 x Storage Bag

Video Review

BlitzWolf is exclusivelly sold by Banggood or AmazonThe BlitzWolf BW-LS2 at Banggood

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