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Fidget Toys are hot these days. We all know the famous (Magic Fidget Cube). We all know those moments that we suffer stress and accommodating bad habits. Things you do unconscious, and you rather do not. Pen clicking, nail biting, wiggle on your chair, itching your beard. So why should we not putting all those bad habits in one toy?

Our friends from TomTop gave us three Finger Spinners to test and feel if it works against those bad habits. Besides it is fun to do whether you are at home, on the road, or sitting in the office!

Three Different Finger Spinners

We got three different spinner designs to test:

Unpacking The Spinners – TomTop

The package from TomTop (CI Experience with TomTop) arrived very fast with DHL. Of course, we know that DHL is an express service but the parcel arrived within five days, and we got a few days before a text message about the delivery date. Because the total price of the order was low enough, we had no issues with the local customs. The three toys were packed into a big/solid layer of foam. The packages of the spinners themselves was simple but effective with some bubble plastic.


Do They Help?

All over the internet you will find that these toys could help against stress or to relax. And I could say that in some way that’s the case. About the stress part, I am not sure, but about relaxing and focusing, they are indeed working. When controlling the fidget get unconscious (it takes a few minutes to learn), you will get a zen feeling.

Besides these common reasons, there is plenty of room to play with these toys. Getting better in balancing and doing tricks.

Experience & Quality

We noticed that the alignment for tripod spinners is less important. Therefore, we liked that one the most because it runs very smoothly. The design makes it the best handling spinner, and it’s easy to control with one hand.

The wooden spinner looks the best and is the most silence of the three. It runs the smoothest, and it will run forever with just one spin. However, it ‘s hard to keep it running with just one hand. Probably because of the design, it is not ergonomically built for spinning it with your finger.

The Bat(man) Spinner is on the opposite very well controllable with one hand. The Bat Spinner is the easiest one to use with one hand. But the quality seems somewhat less. It makes the most sound of the tested ones, and we pushed the middle ring almost out of the spinner itself.




In the end, we did not test the toys on doing tricks etcetera. That’s because our skills are not good enough.

But is it a good idea to buy a finger spinner from China? It absolutely is! You will find the just for 30% of the regular prices, and they are of the same quality. As always you will find theme all on CompareImports, just search for “Fidget Spinner”.

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