Syma X5HC Beginner Drone Review

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Chinese drone brands become bigger, like: DJI, Walkera, Xiaomi, Axis, Parrot, 3D Robotics, WLtoys, Hubsan and JJRC. They compete for the most spectacular drones. A modest drone is between 300 and 800 dollar, which still is a lot of money when practising and crashing… Therefore it’s really interesting to find good drones beneath 100 bucks. The Syma X5HC is one of those ‘cheap’ beginner models.

Beginner Drone – Syma X5HC

Flying a drone is not easy, but all new things are difficult at first. The Syma got some features which will probably help, especially for me as a beginner. In this manner, you can start having fun in a short time. Which comes in handy when trying to film some cool footage.

Altitude Mode

One of the nice aspects is the “Keep Height Feature” or “Altitude Mode”. The drone hold steady at a certain height so you only have to concentrate on steering the machine.

First Person View

Another beginner feature is the “Head First Point of View”. The hardest part of flying drones is keeping track of the front, especially switching with right and left steering when the drones front faces you. One small issue during the review, it was not clear which button sets the mode to FPV or to Fast mode (this was probably my own shortcoming).

Pro’s and Con’s

Upsides Downsides
  • Altitude Mode
  • 4gb MicroSD included
  • Camera included
  • Headview Mode
  • Somewhat too light in windy environments (3+ Beaufort)
  • SD card reader did not work
  • Small range for drones in this price class (50m)

The 720p Camera

The usefulness for drones still has to be discovered, but taking some nice video shots is for the most of us good enough. The Syma X5HC beginner drone has a camera included with 4gb sd card. One minor downfall, it did not work out of the box. Tip: Format the card first and use another USB adapter then everything will work fine. The quality of the video is not special.

Beneath a small footage example, keep in mind it was start getting dark and there was some pretty hard wind.

Syma X5HC – Complete Package

A major plus for this drone is the total package. You got everything that you need to start flying and filming. A camera, SD card, but also some spare rotor blades, a screwdriver, USB cable and card reader. The propeller guards are nice to keep everything fine in case of crashing. Don’t worry when you need some spare parts, you could find everything you need on CI.

Syma X5HC Total Package

Syma X5HC Package Parts

Syma X5HC 2.4G Transmitter

Syma X5HC – His Bigger Brother

The size of the X5HC is 33 x 33 x 11 cm, his bigger brother the X8HC is 50 x 50 x 19 cm. It is not only bigger but it has the ability to fly with First Person View (FPV). The real-time video transmission is done directly to your smartphone through an application available for both Android and iOS. Besides the size and FPV it’s probably heavier which makes it less vulnerable for outside factors like the wind.

Comparable Price Range Drones

Other comparable drones in this price range got some benefits like a bigger range and slightly longer fly time. However, they don’t have the altitude mode which is certainly something all new drones should have for beginners.

CI Experience

We tested the drone in some ‘volatile’ environments, such as windy days. Those tests were slightly disappointing. The weight of the X5HC is too low to fly with winds of 3 or more Beaufort. Learn to fly a drone is difficult but whit such obstacles it’s almost impossible. Which of course takes away some fun. So why don’t try it inside then, because the size of the X5HC is more suitable for flying outdoors. The complete package, good price and altitude mode are some big plusses. However, don’t expect too much and use it as a beginner drone. Which other beginner drones should you guys recommend?

Where to buy the Syma X5HC?

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  • The Syma X5HC seems like a nice package, shame that the camera quality is quite low but it’s ok for the price.
    If anyone is into racing drones i suggest checking out:

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