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ChinaBuye was so friendly to give us the opportunity to test and review the LOFREE MT-200. The LOFREE MT-200 is a wireless touch panel with the possibility to control almost any device which supports USB OTG (On The Go). With one button you can change the touch panel into a QWERTY keyboard. It is ideal for controlling a compatible device such as a media center from a distance! The touch panel only costs $15.38 and for that price you will get yourself a top item!

At the time of this review there a 11 reviews on ChinaBuye’s product page and all of them are very positive. Besides this already 221 persons/people bought the LOFREE MT-200 and 106 persons added the product to their wish list. Buy it here for just $15.38


* Color: Black
* Material: ABS + Aluminum Alloy
* Supports 11 kinds of touch gestures
* Operation Mode: Touchable mouse + Full keypad
* Connection: 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology
* Transmitting Distance/Range: 10 meters
* Power Supply: Built-in Lithium battery
* Charging Voltage: USB 5V
* Charging Time: Approx. 3 hours
* Supported Systems: Windows XP/Vista/7, Windows 8, Android 4.0 or above (with OTG), Mac OS 10.8
* Size: 14 x 8.94 x 1.05 cm  |  5.52 x 3.52 x 0.41 inch

Unfortunately the manual is written in Chinese, but with the help of an added picture on the product site of ChinaBuye everyone can control this touch panel.


First Impression

The LOFREE MT-200 looks very slick with its slim and futuristic design. It almost looks it’s from like a science fiction movie like Minority Report. The LOFREE feels firm and is a good handheld. The box includes:
1 x MT-200 Touch Panel
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x USB Receiver
1 X Chinese Manual

Inside Box


The LOFREE MT-200 works right out of the box and was tested on a Laptop/Computer with Windows 8, Android Media player, Tablet and LG Smart TV.  You only have to insert the USB receiver and toggle the on/off switch. All of them worked directly out of the box.
A good thing to know is that only the keyboard area can be used as a mousepad when in mouse mode!

For Windows 8 LOFREE added the following 11 touch gestures.Operation MANUALThe transmitting distance/range is about +/- 10 meters and the LOFREE works through the cabinet doors where the media player is situated.

With the M/K button at the top left of the device you can easily toggle between (K)eyboard and (M)ouse mode. The blinking LED below indicates whether the device is in keyboard mode (Green) or mouse mode (Blue). When in keyboard mode you will notice that the LOFREE will vibrate when keys are pressed.

Another great option that is not stated on the product site is the energy saving sleep function! The touch panel goes into hibernation mode after 10 minutes. By pressing the mouse/keyboard toggle you can wake up the LOFREE up again. According to previous reviews the battery can last up for a month (depending on intensity of usage course).

On the ChinaBuye product page there is the following question;
How can I connect this keyboard to an iPhone ..via bluetooth or Wi-Fi…Do I need to connect that adapter some how.? The Chinabuye Staff Reply says: Connect an iPhone via Bluetooth.
I can state that you won’t be able to control your phone since no bluetooth/wi-fi connection can be made between the two devices.

Two points of critics which might be approved in the future.
– Unfortunately no keyboard and mouse function at the same time.
– A backlight function might be convenient.

Overall conclusion

It is a great product, especially for this price! This is a product where you get “Bang for your bucks”. The design is very smooth and the LOFREE is much nicer to see on a table than a wireless keyboard and mouse. But most important is that everything works as it should. The control distance is great. And the touch gestures for Windows 8 are very functional!

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