Single’s Day Promotions – 11 Nov

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Singles Day, the real story behind this day is a bit vague. But what matters are the discounts. Chinese Online Webshops are trying their utmost to reach you with their best offers, deals, coupons and gifts. Single’s Day is nine times bigger than the more famous Black Friday.

Why Single’s Day?

The counterpart of Valentine’s Day. Obviously, everybody has the right to have their own feast day. And because the group of single people is growing fast, they got their own ‘special day’. The origin of single’s day is from China and according to the story on Wikipedia, it started somewhere on a university with some single graduated boys. It’s on the 11th of November because that date has the most single (“1”) numbers. As I mentioned earlier, a bit of a weird reason. Yet, in our case the reason is not that important, the fun part is the massive discounts and deals that China Webshops are giving away nearby 11-11.

Where to look for the best deals?

As always the Chinese Webshops overwhelm us with offers and deals. So much that we don’t know where to look, click or buy. So we will mention some promotions which are in our eyes the nicest ones.

Pay with PayPal

One of the most outstanding deals come from Banggood and GeekBuying. They offer every American citizen* which buys something at their store with PayPal a ticket for their contest to win $1111 dollar.



*For the actual rules about this promotion, see the webshops.

Just Hell of a lot Product Discounts

Light in the Box & Mini in the Box have just some major product discounts on almost all of their categories. Not just one special deal, but just to many to mention. If you want to scroll some categories to find a nice deal. You should look here. Otherwise, just keep with the shops with a more unique/special deal.


Top 30 of New Arrivals, MVP’s and Best Sellers

DealExtreme keeps upcoming single’s day promotion modest, maybe because it’s valid till 6th Nov and they will start a larger promotion on the 11 of November. For now they just have some top 30 products as promotion.


Looking for Gadgets?

Then you should definitely look at the promotion at TomTop. It’s only valid on the 11-11 but they got some great drone, projector and tv box deals.

Are you a Big Magix Cube Fan?

Where other shops are playing big on electronics is LighTake doing something else. They offer the best deals on Magic Cubes.. Which is of course fantastic if you want one. But their other deals are somewhat modest.


Last but Not Least

GearBest, they are hitting it hard this year. It’s almost too much to mention. They split up their promotions in a warm-up and official 11-11 promotion. With exclusive Coupons, a Xiaomi Mi5 which you can win and other gifts. That’s all extra around the other discounts and deals.



Is the more?

Hopefully this will get you started in where to find the better deals. Good Luck!

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