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Compare Imports

In the blog we describe why we started Compareimports and how this site can be handy for you. Compareimports compares prices, shop reviews and products from different cheap Chinese (and other countries, like India) wholesale sites.

Free shipping with just one product

Like a lot of people we heard about importing cool products from the Chinese wholesale sites as Unfortunately at alibaba you can’t buy only one product a time. But alibada has cheap products and free shipping. And that is what we want! So we were looking into cheap Chinese wholesale offers, free shipping and not having to buy a bulk of the same products when you want only one!

As you probably know there is not just one site which offers these conditions and products. There are a couple of big sites selling the same products. Sites like,, and many more (see our shop list at the home page of

How everything started?

One of our crew members bought a mobile phone, the Jiayu G3, at Coolicool. However, a couple of days later he discovered by coincidence a cheaper version at Banggood. Everyone wants the best products at the cheapest price. But with so many Chinese webshops, searching is time-consuming and difficult. Show why not try to compare them! All Chinese webshops at once, compare price, reviews, coupons, daily deals. So with Compare Imports buying stuff at Asian webshops is easier! And after all we try to carry out the following: Search Less, Save More.

Help Others, Share Your Thoughts

Comment below and share your questions and knowledge. Help each other with shopping in China, we all appreciate it.


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