Rumors On Upcoming Phones


Hi there, there have been a lot of new announcements about mobile phones and cool features. A summary of the latest news:

  • Chinese smartphonemaker Oneplus announced their first smartphone. The phone will have the same high-end-specificaties but will be halve the price than the similar phones. The 5.5 inch Oneplus One has a full hd-screen en the same 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801-procesor which also can be found in the Samsung Galaxy S5, Sony Xperia Z1 en HTC One M8. The phone can be ordered somewhere in May.


  • The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has spent 3.6 million yuan (about 417,000 euros) to buy the domain
  • The Dutch manufacturer Philips presented a smartphone with a 5300mAh battery for the Chinese market. Normal smartphones generally have batteries with half that capacity. The phone is 11.4 mm thick and will cost 1699 yuan.
    • Rumours say that Samsung will announce shortly their new Galaxy Note 4 phone with a flexible screen. See this website for more information.

  • Motorola seems to be bring a new phone on the market with a very thin case. The device will be cheaper than the current budget model Moto G and will be in store next month.

In the mean time look at these great phones and their features.



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